Cat Wisdom

Who am I to share cat wisdom with you, you ask. I feel an introduction is in order first.

I am Rolli the Somali Cat. I live in a household with two other cats, and two Purrsons. I am taking good care of the Purrsons I own, and they return the favor and keep me fed and healthy. (I do not say I agree totally with the amount of food they provide, but this seems to be an eternal question with cats and their Purrsons… We think a certain roundness makes a cat look more dignified, but Purrsons these days are all about diet and exercise. They do not know how to live life the cat way.)

Certain pages of my diary have been published on this website (Check the navigation bars on the left for "cat diary") and have received my fare share of publicity and an international fan club has also formed, which was only a natural consequence - after all I am a natural author of cat wisdom.

Often I have mentioned there the Secret Code of Cats, or SCC for short. A lot of curiosity, especially from the Purrsons, was the result and they have often written to me, asking if I might reveal this code for them "for the better understanding of the cat-kind".

Well, us cats are not quite that silly - we have innate cat wisdom to recognize a spying attempt when we see one. So you, cats of the world, to whom I am writing this, I want to stress the utmost importance of keeping the Code strictly a secret. Not even food may be used to pull out these secrets from us. (Yes, you read right - not even food.) There is no need for Purrsons to understand us fully - and certain methods and tricks of cat wisdom we use to control them would lose their effectiveness, if revealed.

But it has not only been Purrson that have contacted me. Much to my surprise an amazing amount of felines also wrote to me, expressing their ignorance about the Code. It seems the older generations have not always taught their kittens the basics of Secret Code of Cats. I had the priviledge of having a Mother who had learned the SCC from her own Mother, and who was quite good at telling stories that caused the facts to stick to the minds of me and my siblings.

I got worried - was the ancient wisdom of SCC in danger of disappearing?

Wondering what to do about this I one day climbed to my Mommy-Purrson's lap when she was sitting by a table. She had some kind of playing cards spread out on the table. She called them the Tarot cards. I remembered how she had talked about them, telling that age-old wisdom was hidden in the symbols for those to understand who had learned them. And how they could be used to reflect one's current life.

And so the idea was born. As our Purrsons are out for most of the day, I have a lot of time in my paws. And I decided I would do similar cards for us, the cats, to keep ancient cat wisdom alive.

I shall write a book explaining what each card means, and this book is given only to the eldest and wisest of cats. They, in turn, can then teach the SCC to their pupils, who will be given the cards. The pupils can then consult them and reflect how their message applies to a cat's life. If the cards are found, the SCC is not revealed. They will just look like an odd set of cards. Purrsons never remember all the things they own, so they'll just think they bought them and forgot about them.

Mommy-Purrson is an artist also and her studio is such a mess she will not notice me working on these cards during the day, I know. I shall use a cartoon cat figure I created in the past (and which Mommy kindly drew on paper), whose name is Kitty Jingle, as the Cat in the cards. (I was thinking should I make the cat into a Somali cat, but as no other Somali cat can compete with me, I considered it best to draw a plain white cat.)

I hope the Secret Code of Cats will thus be kept alive and secret. And maybe you will later remember me as the one who saved the SCC for the future generations.

And the following pages are for the eldest and wisest of cats. If you are not one, stop reading immediately.

Yours humbly,

Rolli the Somali Cat

SCC Wisecat Extraordinaire

The Cat Tarot Cards

The Secret Code of Cats Tarot is divided into two sets which the humans call the Major and Minor Arcana.

The word Arcana in ancient Purrson language means "secret". As we are not dealing with Purrsons' secrets here but Feline ones, I have renamed the Arcanas as Major Maucana and Minor Maucana.

Cats of course understand this is to honor the oldest cat breed, the Egyptian Mau, who had an important role in creating the SCC in the ancient past.

At the end of this page is a place where you may discuss Cat Wisdom and thought these cards provoked.

The Major Maucana

The Carefree Cat. Purrsons call this card the Fool but as cats never are Fools, I renamed this the Carefree Cat. Click on the pic to read the wisdom.

The Magical Cat. In Purrson's Tarot this is the Magician. Click on the pic to read about your innate feline magic.

Do You Wish to Discuss Cat Wisdom?

Have you read something in these cat Tarot cards yo wish to discuss with Rolli, SCC Wisecat Extraordinaire? If so, you have come to the right place.

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