Grimoire Turkish Angoras-Florida, USA

by Lisa James
(Florida, USA)

CFA Grand Champion/Grand Premier Folie A Deux Bi & Large of Grimoire

CFA Grand Champion/Grand Premier Folie A Deux Bi & Large of Grimoire

CFA Grand Champion/Grand Premier Folie A Deux Bi & Large of Grimoire
Grimoire's Breakfast At Tiffany's
CFA Grand Champion Grimoire's Phoebe Cates of Je Ris
TICA SGC/RW, ACFA GC/RW, CFA CH Grimoire's Shalamar of Hylanderclan

We are a small, home based cattery. Our cats live with us as family members, not in a separate cattery building. We breed for temperament FIRST, health second, beauty, & show type last, as we want our cats & kittens to be well adjusted, loving members of their owner's families for many years.

Kittens are raised underfoot with other cats, a dog, a bunny, & children. Kittens may go to new homes at 4 months of age. Pet kittens are altered, microchipped, up to date on all shots, etc, & have a Florida Health Certificate. We do ship, from Jacksonville International Airport(JAX), weather permitting, or you can make other arrangements to come pick up your kitten.

Occasionally, we do have retired adults, & we usually have rescue cats of other breeds available too, so if you are willing to open your home & heart to 2 instead of one, let us know!

You can find us on the Web at:

Or you can email us at:

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Sep 18, 2012
Now THIS is what I call responsible breeding
by: Leena

Really, I wish all breeders would be like you. You really show responsibilty of your kitties - and that you want to be sure they stay safe and loved all through their lives.

Wish I could give your post more than five stars...


Leena :)

Sep 17, 2012
Thank You For the Nice Words!
by: Lisa James

Rima, thank you for the glowing recommendation about Katie & Mustafa, who, for those that don't realize, are actually mother & son :)

Leena, I don't believe in caging. Not only are they raised around my 3 kids remaining at home, who are now 19, 14, & 12, but we have a dog, a parrot, & a house rabbit. Plus, the kids' friends are in & out of here all the time, so they are just about bomb proof when they leave here :)

These guys & girls are truly part of our family, & we have an open door policy as well. If at any time, during the course of their lives, something goes wrong in the home & for whatever reason it doesn't work out, they are to come home. No questions asked. I have taken in an old boy that was bred by my mentor & when she passed away & the old guy lost his home, he came here to live out his remaining 2 years with us. Another boy that she got from a breeder up North came to us, & we lost him to cancer the following year. A boy from another breeder up north sold a boy to a lady near Atlanta, & when her mother out West became very ill, she had to place him immediately because her mother was not expected to make it & she couldn't take him with her because her mother's dog was very cat aggressive, so I took him in too, but he was young, & went to live with a friend of mine in the Chicago area, where he's spoiled ROTTEN (not that he wasn't spoiled BEFORE he left, LOL). I recently took 2 of my young adult boys back from homes that didn't work out for them, through no fault of their own, & it took them NO time to remember we were their family, & they are just as wonderful, cuddly, & loving as they were before. These 2 guys were special to me before they left, so I'm very thankful that the owners followed my return policy & brought them home. It'll take someone just as special as they are to adopt them a second time :) Logan, the slightly older one at 2 years old, cries like a lost baby if I so much as close a door behind me. He's the most "Mommy dependent" cat I have, & I adore him :)

Sep 17, 2012
Glad to read this
by: Leena

And not surprised :) The best kittens are raised as family members and make the best pets because they are used to people and other cats.

Sep 16, 2012
beautiful cats
by: rima riggs

I have the best looking healthiest and smartest cats ever from this place. They are a bit enerigetic which makes them more intersting. I highly recommend this place as they treet the cats like their children not caged for breeding.

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