Matryoshka Dolls With Cat Design

I still remember when I saw Matryoshka dolls for the first time. When I was a small girl, I got a pretty Russian nesting doll as a present. It was not with a cat design but a maiden with a yellow scarf on her hair and a flowery shawl on her shoulders. But she was so pretty with that sweet smile and red dress. And she was so light!

I used to take out the innermost doll and hide litte secrets there at a time when little secrets were all important to a little girl... (Somehow my brother never found that hiding place) Sometimes I took each doll out and arranged them to my book shelf just to look at each little, perfect doll.

They began to create these nesting dolls in Russia at the end of the 19th century, and the finest examples can hold 30-40 inner pieces! They became the symbol of Mother Russia, and are well known world over even today - and are manufactured all over the world, and many of the artesans doing these have Russian roots.

One day, I was having a cup of coffee in front of my computer (my favorite place when I am not painting) and decided to see what kind of nesting dolls I could find on the net. Now I never thought I would find matryoshka nesting dolls with cat design! But I did - and they are so cute!

Just check these ones! They are so well painted, with tiny details and lovely colors. They are such a perfect present for anyone who loves cats.

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