The Tarot Fool
the Carefree Cat

"Tarot Fool" is what Purrsons call the First Card of the Major Maucana. Now let’s get this straight from the start: a Purrson may be a fool, but cats never are. Therefore I have renamed this card the Carefree Cat.

The Secret Code of Cats advises that to be successful in life, a cat needs to have a carefree, relaxed attitude - to a certain extent. Having a carefree mind brings the necessary balance to a feline so s/he can control the behavior of their Purrson(s). Which, of course, is of the essence of a happy life with Purrsons.

Here I have strived to draw the cat wisdom of SCC into the card.

The Hidden Symbolism
of Tarot Fool /The Carefree Cat

Tarot Fool / Carefree Cat
The Book Shelf

First of all the cat is walking on top of a book shelf. This symbolizes the fact that all cats are above what Purrsons call human wisdom. We are born with wisdom much deeper than human wisdom can ever be. This can be explained by the fact that in addition to our own innate wisdom we have observed the humans for thousands of years - so we have double wisdom as compared to Purrsons.

We watch with slight amusement as our Purrsons spend their time reading written words when they could be petting their cats or lying in the sun instead (if they are tired and in need of relaxation, which they are, most of the time).

According to SCC the hidden symbolism of the bookshelf is that if you ever see your Purrson reading anything – interrupt. It is for their own good. Place yourself on top of this written information like the cat in this card is doing.

If it is a newspaper – follow the direction of your Purrson’s gaze and sit squarely on top of the article they are reading. This gets their attention every time.

If it is a book, and is lying flat on the table, the same applies. If your Purrson is holding the book in her / his hands in front of them, squeeze yourself onto their lap and stand on tiptoe between them and the text, in front of the said book. Some Purrsons may try to pull the book closer to themselves to stop you, but you will quickly find a little opening somewhere you can push your head through. It is true that where a cat's head fits, the rest of the cat will follow. You’ll have your Purrson’s attention in no time.

If your Purrson is clicking away at the computer (most dangerous activity of all as it may absorb their attention for hours on end, which is hours off their attention to you and thus unacceptable), walk in front of the screen, lie down on the keyboard or chase their mouse (eating it is not recommended as it will only cause acid stomach). This may mean using your paws to make the mouse fall on the floor, or chasing the cursor on the screen. Both equally disturbing actions when it comes to using the desk-TV for reading. Also walking all over the keypad has some surprising effects on what is on the screen and thus to your Purrson as well.

All these means of interruption will help divert your Purrson’s mind off written words and turn it to more important things – namely you.

It has been scientifically proven that petting a cat lowers blood pressure and gives Purrsons a relaxed mind, so it is of utmost importance you follow the advice of this card. In doing so you will keep your Purrson healthy and happy – and a happy Purrson is more likely to give you yummy munchies and groom you and adore you as cats should be adored. (It has been a sad fall for us from the times of ancient Egypt when we had our proper place in the hierarchy of things. We were gods, and we know we still are – the SCC has been created to win us back this position again. I tell you this at the very start so that you understand the importance of taking the advice of these cards with the seriousness they deserve – the only thing you cannot be carefree about is the SCC).

Tarot Fool / Carefree Cat
The Fly

Next we move to the nonchalant attitude of the cat on top of the shelf. It steps lightly, observing a fly, considering if a leap in the air would be worth the catch. The cat just might take the leap.

In Purrsons’ Tarot this is considered a foolish act but we cats know a jump from the top of a bookcase is no biggy. We land on our feet as everyone knows. So the fly here represents taking a risk for the fun of it. The hidden meaning is that a cat can always trust its balance and is free to grab sudden opportunities when they fly by and have fun in the process.

On the other hand, the fly may also represent a minor distraction that a cat can always choose to ignore. In real life this might mean ignoring the feeble attempts of the Purrsons to stop unwanted behavior (unwanted from their perspective, that is). Like scratching old furniture (it is our furniture after all so any human comments about how we choose to use it can be disregarded), helping ourselves to unguarded tasty treats (if a Purrson is not eating it, it is not wanted and thus free game) or eating house plants (grass is grass is grass).

So the message here is taking a risk, enjoying the excitement life brings, enjoying the carefree attitude… These are all necessary mental tools that help us relax and appreciate the good things in life. Nine lives do help also, of course. No need to be too worried.

Tarot Fool / Carefree Cat
The Jester

The jester’s outfit on the cat – well, I did consider for a while whether I should use clothing on cats in these cards at all, but as we cats are used to and know of Purrsons’ dress code, and because these are symbolic cards, I’ll dress up the cats here. They may help build up memory rules in a cat's mind. These cards are not to be used when Purrsons witness it, so memorizing their basic aspects is important.

A jester was something the Purrsons’ royal courts used to have. Someone who dressed funnily with jingle bells in their hat and collar and staff, and who had the right to say what’s what to anyone. Including their kings and queens. (No wonder they had to warn of their approach with those jingle bells. Purrsons don’t appreciate being told up front of their less-than-wise behavior. They sometimes lack a sense of humor in this respect – after all everyone already knows Purrsons are funny…)

A cat is the perfect jester of course. The hidden Code here is that you should do your best to loosen up your Purrsons’ attitude towards life. You know how to make a fool of yourself to make them laugh. They should learn this too.

So dash about crazily, chase flies, do funny jumps and all that. Please them by fetching toys and showing your enthusiasm towards strange toys they bring to you from pet stores (and live in the hope they bring catnip too).

And show people exactly what you think of them. Purr to whoever deserves a purr, turn your behind and scrape imaginary cat sand over those who show no appreciation for the feline kind. Purrsons should be taught the proper value of cats, this is the lesson of the jester’s outfit.

Tarot Fool / Carefree Cat

And the kitten next to the Carefree Cat represents kittenlike attitude, of course. Never forget your inner kitten. It is quite alright for an adult cat to show kitten-like behavior, as Purrsons like this, and this of course benefits the cat in question (petting, treats, giving in to the cat’s will… You know the drill.)

Tarot Fool / Carefree Cat

If you look closely, you notice the Carefree Cat has a little backpack. This represents the ancient wisdom of the Secret Code of Cats. Each cat carries at least some of this knowledge with them, and it affects their behavior – even if they are not aware of it. They have learned it from their Mothers already. And these cards will tell you the rest.

Tarot Fool / Carefree Cat
Upside Down

If this cards comes in a spread upside down it signifies that rare event when the cat actually falls off the bookshelf unintentionally. This is an embarrassing occasion signifying unusually reckless feline activity, best not witnessed by Purrsons and something that we needn’t be reminded of. The best thing is to turn the card back upright in your deck and forget you ever saw the card upside down.

Move on to the next card - the Magical Cat.

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And this, of course, helps not only cats, but Purrsons as well, when their cats learn how to subtly direct their Purrsons behavior to benefit their felines. When they make their cats happy, the Purrsons' home life will be all the more happier.

I am sure you understand.

Thank you,

Rolli the Somali Cat

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