The Tarot Magician
The Magical Cat

In this Major Maucana card you see the Magical Cat or Tarot Magician as Purrsons call it.

Purrsons have always considered us magical - in good or bad. And we, of course, have always known we are. There is magic from the tips of our whiskers to the tip of our tail.

The meaning of this card is to help you reflect your own innate magic.

The Hidden Symbolism of
Tarot Magician / The Magical Cat

Tarot Magician / Magical Cat
the Hat

The Magical Cat has an oddly shaped hat - it is in the form of Purrsons' number eight which has fallen on its side. Odd, yes, but when you hear what this sign means, it becomes clearer.

In Purrsons' beliefs the figure eight on its side means eternity. As in for ever.

Now of course a cat understands immediately it means the cats' magic has always been and will always be.

We use it - and we bring it to the lives of our Purrsons. After all - what would their life be like without us? Boring. Grey.

Do not listen to them if they say it would be nice to have no pet. This sentence usually comes out of the mouths of Purrsons when they are in a hurry or when they would like to leave their home and go somewhere far away and taking care of you is a problem.

Well. We know this situation is self-inflicted. There is no reason for the Purrsons to leave their territory and go elsewhere. According the Secret Code of Cats all the good things in life are nearby already. Fridge. Bed. Sunspots. Comfy carpets. Grooming brushes. Toys. Book cases to perch on. Scratching posts - or furniture if your Purrson has not understood the necessity of scratching posts. (This phase usually doesn't last very long, though - more often than not it takes only a few days or weeks of scratching their sofas to get you a post.)

Tarot Magician / Magical Cat
Plants and flowers

The Magical cat has one paw raised towards low-hanging plants from above, the other paw points downwards to a table with important symbols on it (and one paw has an important symbol in it already). This pose symbolizes the magical powers which the cat uses to master these symbols.

In Purrsons' cards the upper paw should symbolize drawing the power from above and directing it towards the symbols through the downward pointing paw. But as the power of the cats comes from within, not from some strange place above, the raised paw means another thing.

You will catch the meaning with your feline logic, but in case you are not sure, the SCC explains.

The paw points at low hanging plants. The plants are reachable. The message of the card: go for it. If you can reach them, you can dangle from them and get necessary exercise. Purrsons are always worried about us getting too fat, so they should have nothing to say against you playing Tarzan. If they do not want a kitty Tarzan in the house, they should not have hanging plants. (Also hanging grass is grass nevertheless and necessary in removing fur balls, as we all know.)

You will see flowers at the bottom of the card as well, in front of the table. Same message applies. Grass is grass is grass. Good for you. Eat it.

Tarot Magician / Magical Cat
the Snake

The Magical Cat has a serpent at the waist - biting its own tail. (The serpent bites its tail, not the cat) For the Purrsons this is another symbol of eternity. In our cats' opinion, why bother repeating the same thing over and over again?

So, drawing from the wisdom of the Secret Code of Cats, this is a symbol of another thing - namely the harness. No cat loves the harness and wants to walk on a leash. It feels just as wonderful as a snake wrapping around you. But if you must endure this, then this snake tells there is really no harm done to you - the snake is not biting you, it is just wrapping itself around you. You can learn to tolerate it. Sometimes you will just have to tolerate stuff to get outdoors.

But never forget you were created free. Bolt for it when you can. Purrsons do forget open windows and keep the door ajar too long with their hands full of grocery shopping.

In the latter case you might reconsider bolting, as the grocery bags in all likelihood contain food for you. (As SCC tells, there is no point in running away from your food - on the contrary we should do our utmost to go towards food.) If this is the case, then consider the other teaching the snake gives: wrap yourself around your Purrson's ankles. Use the symbolism of the other eternity symbol, namely the figure eight on its side.

What does that mean, you ask. (Shame on you for even having to ask…) It means you should do the figure eight around your purrson's ankles. Wrap yourself around them like a furry rope - you are not required to bite your own tail, but do the figure eight with your nose so close to your tail you could bite it should you be so silly. The Purrsons have figure skating, we have figure eighting… You see the goal now? Yes. It may be your Purrson stumbles, drops the bags, and if you are quick, you get away with something delicious that fell out of the bag. No harm in trying.

It is in our genes to grab food when we can, so nothing wrong is done here.

If your Purrsons don't stumble (and unfortunately, with time, they seem to develop some sort of intuition about where you are at their feet), then at least your behavior will draw their attention to the fact you are hungry. You always are. And so you might get a treat from them in the hopes you will leave them alone. If you get a treat, do so. This way they learn giving a treat will get you off their feet in the future as well. A foolproof method. Some Purrsons do require extreme measures, though, and as a last resort you should meow. Consistently. Lllloudly. This usually drives them crazy and they do anything to silence you. With normal Purrsons this means shutting you up with food. Mission accomplished.

Tarot Magician / Magical Cat
Objcts on the Table

And then we move on to the objects on the table (and one in the upraised paw).

In Purrsons' cards they have a wand, a cup, a sword and a coin.

The Maucana uses feather sticks, food bowls, brushes and tuna cans (or some other cat food should you be allergic to tuna, poor cat). We shall discuss these symbols in greater detail with the Minor Maucana. But for now, every cat should recognize these are the most meaningful symbols in every cat's life. And all these symbols are in front of and in full control of the Magical Cat.

Thus, according to the Secret Code of Cats, the meaning of this card in a reading is:

You confidently control your living environment like the Tarot Magician and receive good care from your Purrson. Some self help may be necessary (reaching grass, getting delicious snacks), so keep your eyes open for the opportunities to get a little extra care. You know how to use your creativity and skills to manipulate your surroundings to better fit your needs.

Tarot Magician / Magical Cat Reversed

In Purrson's Arcana the reversed Magical Cat would mean lack of confidence, difficulty in putting ideas into practice or breakdown in communication. Also misuse of skills is hinted at.

These things are never possible when cats are concerned. We never lack confidence. We always know how to put our ideas into practice (and the fact we are physically superior compared to the clumsy Purrsons does help). And we never have trouble communicating what we want.

This card reminds you of some of these ways. And we never, ever, misuse our skills. We only use them to make life better for us, so how could we ever misuse our skills. Really… This card reversed is a good reminder of how dangerous it is to apply human wisdom to cats' lives.

So my advice is: if this card comes out reversed in a reading, turn it promptly around and forget it ever was upside down.

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