D'Or PtitPrince (FIFe) / PtiPrince (CFA); UKRAINE, Odessa

by Sorochenko Jane
(Odessa, Ukraine)

A Dog thinks: "He takes care of me, he guards me, he loves me,
it means, he is God!
A Cat thinks: "He takes care of me, he guards me, he loves me,
it means, I am God!


It is talked about an Abyssinian cat : «If you want to have a dog, but you have no time to take it for a walk, it would be better for you to have an Abyssinian». I can add that if you dream about a home pet which will be precious addition of interior, lying quietly in the corner which you can use from time to time, ABY is not for you!

Friendly, active, playful, sociable, intellectual...Every proprietor of an Abyssinian can complete this list of epithets infinitely.

My casual acquaintance with ABY happened on an exhibition, where I came for another cat. I had been interested in Persians before, ABY overthrew my opinion about cats fully and irreversibly. From this moment cattery D'Or PtitPrince*UA / PtiPrince began its existence.

The first, the most important and favourite my Aby, from whom all began, is Azur Neshamah Shelli - Azur. As it is known, males as a rule represent their breed more brightly than females, and Azur is its bright proof. He is beautiful and elegant. His expressive muzzle reminds a calm and confident profile of an Egyptian cat, which we can see only on old parchments or on glossy pages of books on history. Abyssinians are considered to be descendants of haughty Egyptian divine animals, and their resemblance can be seen with a naked eye.

Two pussy-cats appeared right after Azur. They were brought from France specially for him. Balenciaga de Shakiri and Blue Moon des Ombres Calines (at home Bali and Uma) are real Frenchwomen, elegant and graceful, tender and playful, careful and strict mothers

Having visited a lot of exhibitions, my opinion on ideal ABY has changed. Now the cattery is engaged in breeding of Abyssinians of modern type. Long hard searches have crowned success, - and I proudly represent you new studs and queens from leading catteries of the USA: Instinct, Cheetara, HighgaitPaws, Glenlea, Devande.

I am very glad that I managed to fly for the cats myself and to get acquainted with all breeders personally! And to visit all catteries, having learnt a lot of new and useful at the same time.

Now the cattery has replenished also with own children: Garfield D'Or PtitPrince, Donna Karan D'Or PtitPrince and Ioko Ono D'Or PtitPrince. But, I think, the cattery will extend further.

Our cattery registered in CFA and FIFe. We are breeding modern type of abyssinians in four main colours. Our cats - winners of the most prestigious international shows FIFe and CFA. All breeding cats are tested at UC DAVIS.

Our Large and friendly family lives in town Odessa, Ukraine. We live in a private house, that's why cats and their kittens have enough place for games. Complete freedom of movement is given to them. We do not use cages or enclosures. Cats give birth to their pussy-cats in my bedroom, where cats and their new-born kittens spend in quiet and rest their first weeks. In fact primary purpose of breeding is healthy and strong kittens. After the first two weeks these charming little balls of fur begin gradually studying to walk, run, jump, and very amusing to watch as from ridiculous child's first steps their motions turn into graceful and sure. Week by week their interest to games increases, kittens toys in teeth, just like dogs, asking us this way to play with them. They sit with children when they do lessons to show their extraordinary devotion and aspiration to become an inalienable part of the restless life of their owner.

I want to express enormous gratitude for my breeders, Biget Stephanie, Jean-Francois Maurisset ,Chris Giammarinaro, Susan Baker, Mindy Condon, Susan Vande Sande, Brad and Donna Jonson, for participation and support. Now, for more intimate knowledge, I invite all cat- fanciers to visit the site of the cattery. Abyssinian- fanciers especially! Write, call, visit our site, we are always opened for communicating with "cat owners"!


Thank you for attention!

Best regards, Sorochenko Jane

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Mar 30, 2011
Thank you, Jane!
by: Leena

Thank you, Jane, for writing about your Abys!

What really touched my heart was the fact your cats are a part of your family, living freely with you. Your video shows this very well.

You obviously love your cats very much and it shows!

Leena :)

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