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This is a page for the Egyptian Mau cat breeders to make a page of their own. If you are a Mau breeder, use the form below to build a page of your own in this website. (I shall then place you cattery's link at the right geographical location - country, region - on this page)

And if you are someone looking for Egyptian Mau cat breeders, here are some basic facts.

This is a rare cat breed, so you may have to wait a bit to get yourself a kitten. And be prepared for your breeder to ask a lot of questions about your home - after all they want to be certain their kittens only go to good homes. Also if you are looking for a specific colored Mau for show- or breeding purposes, the wait can be even longer.

The gestation period of a Mau is longer than with other breeds. Usually kittens are born after 65-67 days, but the gestation period of a May can be up to 73. The Mau gives birth easily as many natural breeds do. There are usually about six kittens in a litter.

Kittens are available at 12-16 weeks of age. At this age their basic inoculations have been given and the kittens have been properly socialized- very important, especially if you are planning on showing your Mau.

Because of their tendency to be shy, they should be handled a lot by humans when still young. If not, they might show aggressive behavior later (growling, hissing, scratching) in situations where they do not feel themselves safe. So take care to be sure the breeder you are considering raises their Maus "on foot", with plenty of human handling. This way you can be more certain your cat will be comfortable around strangers and in different environments (again, very important, if you plan to show your Mau).

Breeders prefer to neuter and spay kittens before they are sold as pets, and there seems to be no disadvantage to the kittens.

When you get your Mau kitten, you might consider leaving the radio or TV on to make it more used to different noises.

Responsible Egyptian Mau cat breeders should give good advice on how to take care of your Mau kitten - this includes diet advice. It is good if your kitten has an insurance for the first few weeks in the new home, taken by the breeder. It is wise to have your vet check your new kitten as soon as possible. Probably all is well, but the visit won't be useless - it is good again for the kitten to get used to being handled by strange people and also to get used to the environment at the vets - you will probably be taking your cat there every once in a while anyway.

Ask your breeder to give you the kitten's registration papers to be sure you are dealing with a respectable breeder and that your cat indeed is a Mau. No other breeds are allowed in breeding a Mau, even if Maus themselves have been used to better certain other breeds. (They have given their pattern, fertility and personality traits - for example to American Keuda).

Remember not to buy de-clawed kittens or adult cat - you should never accept this because basically parts of the cat' s toes are amputated in the procedure and this affects the cat's balance and personality negatively.

A Mau can be an expensive cat, but if you are willing to take a color that cannot be shown, you might get your cat at a cheaper cost. The color has no effect in the cat's wonderful Mau personality.

Remember to get your kitten a scratchpost and activity toys. Keep the kitten indoors.

If you adopt an older cat, remember that as Maus get very strongly attached to their humans, there will be an adjustment period when your new family member will keenly observe you and remain aloof and shy. When it has made up its mind you can be trusted, it will bond with you just as strongly as a younger cat. In a way there is nothing strange about this behavior - after all they have been moved from what they considred to be their home and placed in a totally strange, new environment.

Because of its rarity, the Mau is not likely to end up in a rescue shelter, but of course everything is possible. So you might have a look there too, if you are willing to take an adult Mau.







Cattypuss Maus - breeder of silver and bronze Maus

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Thank you, Dawn Muddeman and Jesica Bogg for allowing me to use the photos of your beautiful Maus in this article.

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