Glendoveer Abyssinians, Toronto, Canada

by Deborah
(Toronto, Canada)

I have been breeding Abyssinians for almost 20 years and specialize in outstanding personality, high activity, Ruddy abys. I do have an occasional Red kitten available, but most of the abys bred by myself are homozygous for Ruddy. I am CFA registered but have shown in CCA (Canada) and have had National Winners in this association. Some of my cats are registered in ACFA & TICA and have done very well in show there also. I do not sell breeding cats and do not provide stud service, except occasionally a kitten may be placed in a well established breeding program. At present i have abys living with breeders in Nova Scotia, Europe and USA. If you are interested in one if my abys as a beloved pet, you may have to wait a bit as i do not have numerous litters available in a year, but i would be happy to discuss an upcoming litter.

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Jan 21, 2019
So beautiful,but such terrible breath NEW
by: Mike

I rcvd. my 3rd new(+1 adopted abby)
Picked up Nikky prev. Mary fro Glendiver Abbysinians March 2018.
She is an awesome cat however (never an issue before) since the day I rcvd. her she has had very revolting breath.
I am fairly sure not a teeth/gum issue as her age
Maybe food Iams mixed small amount of whisks
I have fed to my Abbys in the past with no breath issues
Anyone could help resolve or least understand WHY pls help me @

Jan 10, 2019
BEWARE: Cannot Be Trusted NEW
by: Anonymous

If you are looking to get Abyssinians, avoid Deborah Feltham and Heather Garvie. I write this comment, not to be vindictive, but to hopefully help others avoid the heartbreak we experienced. Both Deborah and her friend Heather promised us two Abyssinian kittens, led us on for months, and then ghosted us -- no kittens/cats, and no explanation. Imagine getting your hopes up that you will be getting kittens, building trusting connections with the breeders over months, only to have your heart broken twice and no cats. Don't take the risk.

We first contacted Deborah in April 2018, and as she had no available kittens, she directed us to her friend and fellow breeder, Heather Garvie. Heather assured us she was expecting several litters and would have kittens available for us. We were thrilled!... Then she just stopped emailing us. We waited months, hoping she would stay true to her word, but she never returned any of our emails.

We returned to Deborah 4 months later, heartbroken, hoping she would have other leads. This time, *she* had available kittens. We were so relieved! She even sent us a picture of the beauties and assured us, if we wanted them, she would save us two. We fell in love, but tried not to get ahead of ourselves. Our interest in the breed was because of mild allergies, so we wanted to meet the cats first to make sure allergies wouldn't be a problem. She agreed to have us visit with her cats before we put a deposit down. We set at least 3 tentative meeting dates, each of which was cancelled by her with different reasons, but she still communicated her intention to reschedule.

Any reasonable person would start to feel suspicious at this point, but she repeatedly assured us she would sell us two kittens, so we trusted her. She told us we could take them at the beginning of December, when they reached 4 months of age. From August to December, we were planning for these kittens, but her story changed again. It wouldn't be the beginning of December now, but before Christmas. Fine with us, but we still wanted a meeting. The last contact we had was on the phone at the end of November; there were complications about timing and which kittens we would get and it was easier to communicate over the phone. Even after all this, I still trusted her when she, again, assured us we would have the kittens but wouldn't set a meeting date. Foolish of me, for sure. I have not heard from her since that November phone call, despite emailing her, despite our agreement that we would have received the cats by now... Beginning of December, to end of December, to??? Never, clearly.

Learn from my naivety. Do not trust this breeder. You may receive more compassionate treatment, but you may be deceived as we were. Take it from me, it's not worth the risk.

Dec 08, 2018
Dealing with Loss NEW
by: Anonymous

My husband and I have had two abys kittens for 14.5 years and one died yesterday of kidney failure and her sister's blood work is starting to show signs also. we are devastated. and so is our extended family who also loves them. we are a semi-retired (health) professional couple in St. Catharines, ON. we would like to be on your list to adopt two female kittens ruddy or red, whatever you have, in the new year sometime.
Terry and Kathryn.
please email or phone:

Oct 29, 2018
Looking for a kitten, or bonded pair NEW
by: Ann

Hi there,

We are a cat loving home. We had a lovely cat that passed away at 18 years of age, and now it's been a couple years and we're now ready to find new cats for our home. We are hoping for a bonded pair... do you have any kittens?


Oct 23, 2018
Desperate for a ruddy kitten of yours NEW
by: Trudy

Dear Debbie,
Have been trying to contact you lately.
You sent me this lovely ruddy girl in 2003.
We called her Runa and kept in touch with you over the years via e-mail and pictures.
She was everything, beautiful, so very happy, loving, healthy, and perfect in every way.
At the age of 15, we recently lost her to kidney failure.
A rather common fate for geriatric cats but her departure left a big empty space in the home and with the family, she loved so much and in turn loved beyond words by us.
I respect you so very much as a breeder, your integrity and care you invest to have not just beautiful but healthy cats.
Realizing it takes time to secure one of your lovely, ruddy kittens I would like to ask if you could possibly consider me for one.
Please be so kind and let me know.
Kind regards,
Vancouver, BC

Sep 24, 2018
Waiting for our furry friend NEW
by: Debi Mattatall

It’s me again. Debi

Please let me know if you have any kitten or adult available soon.

Thank you. I’m from Hamilton
Debi Mattatall

Sep 24, 2018
Please we have the best living home for one of you kittens or an older Abyssinian NEW
by: Debi Mattatall

We are so anxious to find an Abyssinian either kitten or adult We lost our 20 year old boy last year and have been looking for some time to bring a furry friend home.
We have a loving home for our new pet.
Please let me know if you have a kitten or an adult Abyssinian available. Can be there to pick up tonight.

Kind regards

May 09, 2018
Looking for a baby brother
by: Jasmin

Hi there I am very interested in getting a baby brother for my Bengal whose name is Wallace.

I am just educating myself about these beautiful creatures that you have but what I do know is that I certainly would like the type of a bee that resembles very much the old Egyptian gods of the cat that very much looks like an Abys.

Is that possible in the near future I am hoping to bring one home for September.

If you have any information that can help me my email address is

I am interested in a baby boy who will already have the name of Oscar!

Thanks so much

Mar 12, 2018
Looking for Aby kitten
by: Anonymous

Searching for abyssinian kittens in Toronto (Gta)
Please contact if you have or expect any time soon

Feb 23, 2018
boy cat
by: Anonymous

pl contact me re stood services, we are looking for boy-cat. Tank you

Feb 23, 2018
looking for
by: Anonymous

we are looking for stood services for your Abyssinian girl(never had litter)

Feb 04, 2018
Wheres phone number??
by: M.Eckensweiler

Cant find # 4 Glenoveer Abbysinians

Jan 05, 2018
Abyssinian Kitten
by: Anonymous

We are very interested in getting a kitten. We had a Devon Rex for 16 years who passed away a few months ago. What are the next steps in starting the process? we are located in the GTA.


Jan 04, 2018
by: Vija kostoff

Do you have any Abbysinian kittens available now or in the near future?

January 4 2018

Dec 12, 2017
Abyssinian kitten
by: Robyn

Hi. I'm interested in getting an abyssinian kitten.

Nov 24, 2017
by: Anonymous

I am a serious buyer. Please contact me about prices and ECT. Thanks,

Nov 04, 2017
by: laura

We just lost one of our cats in September: we're looking for an Abyssinian kitten.
Would love to talk to you.

Jul 02, 2017
Abyssinian kitten
by: Anonymous

Hello Deborah

I was referred over to you by Gary Hoffman. I live in Ontario and he recommended I try your Cattery for a abyssinian kitten. I currently have one Bengal but would like to get her a feline friend. Do you have any kittens available for my family to adopt?


Jun 02, 2017
Looking for a Female kitten
by: George

We lost our Cat last year. We been looking for another Abyssinian kitten for a long time. If you have any kitten available please let me know.

Mar 26, 2017
Male Ruddy Aby Kitten
by: wendy

I am wondering if you have any male ruddy aby kittens available at this time?
Thank you

Mar 18, 2017
With heavy heart I need to inform you about Lightning
by: Avrl

You gave me lightning all those years ago and he became the center of our world. Even when my now husband has sever allergies we worked around it because I just couldn't let him go. He truly was the end of an era as we lost Fireball 4 years prior. He's personally shone and captivated anyone within sight of him even yesterday on his last day with us. He was still trying to do his job of comfort us when we knew how unwell he was. A fighter till the end with the biggest heart there ever was.

Thank you for the opportunity of loving them so much it truly was a blessing.


Jan 09, 2017
La Luna Ticked!!??
by: Euan

Hello Deborah,
we have been lucky enough to have enjoyed cats from your past litters for 16 yrs now.
sadly, we recently lost our beautiful little girl, Luna. we are heart broken, she was the most unique and wonderful little girl.
we are feeling desperate to speak with you.
please reply as soon as you're able.
we appreciate your attention.
I have emailed you separately, but no response. not sure how we get a hold of you if you're still available to help us. would love to know.
thank you kindly.

Jun 03, 2016
by: Anonymous

Dear Ms.,

We are interested in obtaining an Abyssinian and have seen your site.

Over the years we have had Siamese, Balinese and Orientals.

A year and a half ago our Balinese, Deezer, died at the age of 16. Within the last 6 months both our Orientals died at the age of 10. They were full brothers. Miki died of kidney failure and Dezi of a failure of his red blood cell counts. Our siamese, Djinn, died at sixteen a number of years ago.

All our cats have been indoor cats and have been well loved.

this is the first time in decades that we have not had a feline friend and are missing the companionship.

Could please get back to us with further information on the availabilty of either kittens or young adults.


Jim and Sharron Winter

St. John’s ---- Newfoundland and Labrador


Feb 27, 2016
abyssinian kitten wanted
by: Chris

Do you have any kittens available now or in the near future? My beloved Blue Aby needs a sibling. Contact me at

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