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"Missing You" Cat Card
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Handmade card making is lots of fun.

I got the idea for this card when I was walking outside and found a beautiful red maple leaf on the ground. I took it home and scanned it (because it would have gone all dry and brown very fast otherwise). handmade card making

So here I have my chosen background - lovely soft deep blue, and the scan of the maple leaf I took.

handmade card making

I then cut the maple leaf out from the paper (I used thick photo paper which was easy to cut with sharp scrissors). handmade card making

I then sketched a small cat witha curly tail out of white cardboard and cut it out. After some positioning I decided I would put in to the left of the maple leaf.

handmade card making

The tail just naturally curled around the "trunk" of the maple-leaf tree.

handmade card making

I wanted this card to be about missing a loved one, so I rummaged through my stack of scrapbooking stuff and found beautiful white hearts. To me white is a color of longing, so that fits nicely to the theme.

handmade card making

Then I took out a roll of silver string and using small glue dabs I glued it as the veins of the leaf - to make it look a bit more like a tree.

handmade card making

Once the glue had properly dried I carefully cut the long ends of the string with scissors - except for two strings which I left long deliberately. These I glued vertically and added two more white hearts hanging from them. Then I took white paper flowers and some shining stones. I glued those in the middle of the flowers and some on the sky as well. They could represent stars or fireflies...

handmade card making

And here is the finished card. The symbology is in the autumn leaf - when you miss someone you love, it is like summer has ended. And the white flowers - it is like color has vanished from life. The white hearts represent pure longing - and love, of course.

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