All Those Beautiful Cat Breeds...

Looking at all the different cat breeds you see how they are all elegant... mysterious... beautiful... independent... affectionate... wild...

The cat is an everlasting mystery with its soft, silky coat, jewel-like eyes, soft movements and the attitude that owns the world.

One moment the cat lies comfortably in a sun spot, and the next second the ancient hunter emerges as it explodes into action.

This beautiful creature chose to share its existence with people thousands of years ago. It helped us in many ways, protecting our food, and keeping us company.

The cat was revered as a god in ancient times, but on the other end of the scale it suffered during the witch hunts of the dark ages.

But it stayed with us, and its everlasting beauty is a breathtaking joy. In time people started to breed the cat - resulting in beautiful cat breeds that are a joy to behold. And within all those beautiful breeds lives the eternal cat. The friend, the hunter, the hobo, the joker, the mystery.

I wish to dedicate this site to the beauty of the cat. I hope you enjoy your visit here and come back often to see new breeds added.

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