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My name is Leena and I have had cats since I was eight years old. My first cat was a domestic cat called Misu - a grey and write cat who was my best friend. When I came home from school I would bend down to say hi to her, and she would gently bite my nose as a greeting. She slept at my feet and followed me around. Together we went for walks in the forest. Her death at twelve years of age was one of my my first big sorrows and she will always have a very special place in my heart.

After her came a lovely red Abyssinian, Casanova, and his friend Heppu who was a mixed breed domestic cat. Then another Abyssinian, ruddy Bertha made her entrance - she was from the same cattery as Casanova, from a previous litter. The little boy in her family became allergic to cats and she was under threat of being put to sleep.

When she was born, her toes had grown together and were operated at a young age. I remember when we went to see Casanova for the first time, and this tiny little creature, still groggy after the operation, decided that my lap was the best place to sleep it off. She made heroic attempts to climb to my lap and I lifted her there. And there she slept - tiny paws sticking out in big white bandages, and her short sting of a tail curled around her hind legs (we used to call her tail "Spike" as it really was too short for an Aby, but fit her tiny frame just perfectly).

I just could not let her die. A brief discussion with hubby darling, and Bertha joined the troops.

They all lived to long age - we were there for all of them when their time came to cross the Rainbow Bridge, holding them when they slipped away, thanking them for their frienship and crying our eyes out. First Casanova at 16 years of age, Heppu at 16, and Bertha almost 18.

And the house felt so empty.

But not for long. A few months later we went to see Hippu and Pipsa - a brother and a sister Abyssinian, both usual Abys. There was a five day older Somali there too, and they were the best of friends. When I first sat down, the Somali was in my lap within seconds. And he stayed. He followed me and hubby around, purred and miaowed and hopped into our laps immediately when he got a chance. And the breeder, after four hours of this, said that he would give Rolli to us if we accepted. She did not wish to separate best friends.

And so we had three cats again. Oh how wonderful it feels to have them around!

In my mind there is no better pet than a cat. I'm partial, I know, but I am allowed.

Out of this love for cats came the idea of making a site of my own that would be dedicated to all the beautiful cat breeds. Maybe it would help someone find the perfect cat breed and cat friend of a lifetime.

So here's my site for you to enjoy.

The breed characteristics of course are no ones property, but the articles are copyrighted by me and not to be copied. The photos I use are copyright of their individual photographers and are not to be copied anywhere. The same applies to my cat paintings. 

My first hand knowledge is of Abys and Somalis - and domestic cats. The other breeds I have researched, but I cannot know it all. If you feel something needs correcting, I would be very happy to hear of it. There is a contact form on the lefthand side (the nav bar that says "contact" - please write your comment there if you think I should change or add some info).

If it's just the typos, and you own a cat, you know what causes them:

Leena :)

P.S. It is Hippu in the upper picture with me, and Rolli having a nap while I write. 

Leena Pekkalainen

owner and author of www.cat-breeds-info.com

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