Short Haired Cats

Short haired cats come in many forms and sizes. They could roughly be divided into Western and Oriental short hairs. Still, all short haired breeds are thought to be descendants of the African cats that were domesticated by the ancient Egyptians some 3500 years ago.

But the coats of cat breeds with short hair are not similar. There are those who have double coats - a thick undercoat called the down and longer guard hairs - for example the Abyssinian cats. Then there are those cat breeds which have a single coat (which looks very silky and beautiful) like the Siamese or Burmese cat breeds. Evolution has developed the cat fur according to the living environment and this development was enhanced by the breeding programs to produce specific kinds of coat. 

Man has even developed a hairless cat, the Sphynx. But even though it looks hairless, it does have extremely fine hair, if you look closely. 

And of course there are also curly haired cats that many swear are the most affectionate and lovely pets.

Purebred cats of a breed look alike, and the personality of individuals of a specific breed tends to be somewhat distinct. 

There are lively cat breeds that enjoy taking part in everything you do (which basically means they are constantly at your feet like a furry rope, discussing with you with their miaows, chirps and purrs) and then there are the more quiet and aloof ones that like to keep to themselves (and when these cats show their affection to you, you should be proud - you really deserved it). 

But generally speaking short haired cat breeds are considered to be livelier and more playful than the long haired ones. 

A cat with short hair may require less grooming, but it still needs to be groomed at times. This helps getting rid of loose hair which might cause hair balls to form in the cat’s stomach. Short haired cats are of course not so prone to hair matting as the long-haired cats.

If you are considering getting a cat and are allergic to cats, do think twice. People are allergic to cat dander in a cat’s saliva. When the cats groom themselves, they transfer dander to their fur. So as long as a cat has fur, people get exposed to dander. Air purifiers and washing the cat may help, but you can never get rid of all of the allergens.

But whoever you are, I know you love cats and are intrigued by their beauty. So without further ado, here are the links to information about cats with beautiful short hair.

Abyssinian Cat

This beautiful cat has a unique coat - some say it looks like a tiny cougar. Others see the cat that ancient Egyptians revered as a god (it sure resembles the cats in their tomb paintings and statues).

Did you know that the brother of the famous pharaoh Akhenaten had a cat that some say looked just like the Aby? And that the very first cat sarcophagus was made for this cat, "Ta-Miu", translated as "She-cat"? Prince Tuthmosis certainly loved his cat...

Loving, affectionate, devote, fun, intelligent, playful... An active cat for an active person.

(Thank you, Abysphere cattery for the permission to use this photo.)

About the Aby

Abyssinian cats' looks

Abyssinian cat colors

Abyssinian cat breeders

Aby rescue organizations.

Japanese Bobtail Cats

The Japanese Bobtail is a cat with a long history - over a thousand years ago they already appeared in Japan. A naturally developed cat, the favorite of the Imperial Court, the original Maneki Neko or good-luck-cat.

(Thank you, Yuki-Usagi cattery for the permission to use this beautiful photo!)

Read more about the Japanese Bobtail here

This is a page about Japanese Bobtail's looks

You will find Japanese Bobtail cat breeders here.

And this is a page for the Japanese Bobtail rescues

Korat Cats

If you love blue short haired cats, then just look at the Korat" This lovely cat has huge green eyes, five hearts (yes, read more about it!) and a huge purrsonality. It is a very rare cat, so you should be prepared to wait for a kitten, but you will certainly get yourself once in a lifetime cat. 

(Thank you, POISON'S (FIFe) / THAIOUT (CFA) KORATS for permission to use this photo.) 

Read more about Korats here!

Here is more information about the Korat's looks.

And here you will find Korat breeders.

Scottish Fold Cats

One of the newest breed of short haired cats. The adorable "owl cat" that sits in Buddha position and adores you... One of those cat breeds whose popularity is quickly increasing because of its lovable caharacter and looks. But it is still a rare breed. 

Read about the Scottish fold here.

Information about Scottish Fold's looks and health.

Scottish Fold colors

Scottish Fold breeders.

Scottish Fold rescues

One of the best known short haired cats: the Siamese

One of the most recognisable cat breeds of the world - the beautiful Siamese... Sapphire blue eyes and the dark mask, ears, legs and tail make this one of the most elegant cats in the world.

Read here about the Siamese cat history.

What is a Siamese like as a pet?


The smallest recognized cat breed, and one of the most beautiful short haired cats is the Singapura. A cute little cat that loves its humans more than anything. The Singapura rose from the drains of Singapore to one of the most loved cat breeds of the world - and for a good reason.

You can read about the history of the Singapura here. 

Here you can read what it is like to live with a Singapura.

Here is more info about the Singapura's looks.

And a page for Singapura breeders.

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