Abyssinian Cat

The Abyssinian cat is your choice if you are looking for a fun, active cat that will devote itself to you.

The Abyssinian is very active and acutely interested in everything that happens in its surroundings. It is a very good jumper (it can actually jump on top of a door if it so chooses) so be prepared to be observed by a cat sitting on top of a bookshelf. The higher the better, thinks the Aby.

The Abyssinian, or Aby, is really social. It loves to follow you around the house, and take part in everything you do. This cat is constantly at your feet, eagerly leading you to where ever it thinks you are going (and suggesting the kitchen if you are not sure yourself). You don’t need to look down. If you start walking, the Aby is there. Trust me, I speak of experience. Just remember you are walking with a furry rope around your ankles.

The Abyssinian cat is called the clown of cats. (Thank you, Abysphere cattery for the permission to use little Pippi's playing photo here).

Playful Aby kitten

Thank you, Abysphere cattery, for allowing me to use this photo.

This is probably because the Abyssinian cats are very willing to amuse themselves with their toys – and for a long time. They make amazing bounces and jumps and chase their toy mice – and other cats with all they’ve got. They are very fast runners so don’t be surprised if a furry cannon ball appears out of thin air and slips and slides past you in such a speed it may even loose its footing (yes, a cannonball with legs). I’ve seen our Abys run to a curve so fast they flopped on their sides, slid against the wall, bounced off it back into the air using their paws against the wall as springs, and continue running as if nothing happened.

The Adorable Aby

- loves people and has the adorable habit of head-butting

- called "the dog-cat" - follows you around supervising all you do

- learns to fetch

- very intelligent

- amazing jumpers

- need a lot of activity

Some of the Abyssinian cats learn to fetch. We use feathered sticks for this. Once they have murdered the stick (yanked all the feathers out), I use tape to glue the feathers back around the stick again, and use it as a throwing stick. The Abyssinian cat never tires of this play – you can spend you whole day throwing sticks and they return them at your feet (or nearby). No wonder some people call them the dog-cat.

And they tend to keep of doing this until old age. Someone should tell them they should behave is a respectable way. I tried. Didn’t work.

Aby sitting like a statueAby sitting like a statue

Thank you, Abysphere cattery, for allowing me to use this photo.

This breed has surprised many a man who thought they did not like cats. Then they met an Aby and realized the cat can be a fun and active pet, not just a cute cushion on the sofa, chosen to match the color of the curtains.

The Abyssinian is a very intelligent breed. They open doors and learn how to open cupboards too if they think it is fun. Usually they do think it is. Sometimes it feels like they are using their paws like human hands.

They are totally devoted to you, and amenable to handling, but they are usually no lap cats. They come to you lap when they choose to do so, not when you think they should. But when they do, there’s no escape. They mean business.

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Have you ever wondered what all the "kneading" is about? Your cat comes to your lap and starts purring and kneading with its front paws. This behavior is a memory from its life as a kitten - the kneading stimulated the flow of milk when the kitten was nursing.

Do you have a funny, lovable, memorable Abyssinian cat? Tell us all about it here!

Your Abyssinian

Do you have a special Aby in your life?

Do you wish to remember a beloved Aby who already crossed the rainbow bridge?

Here's the place to tell about the Abessinian cats that have left their pawprints in your heart.

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The Abyssinian is a

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A living periscope - this is one curious cat breed!

Thank you to the Abysphere cattery for permission to use the Abyssinian photos.

When choosing your cat a cat bed, choose a round one if you can. If you ever saw a sleeping cat, you know the cat loves to sleep curled into a ball and the round shape around the cat gives a feeling of security and comfort.

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