The Aby Cat
Loves People and Play

The Aby cat is not afraid of water. Just look at these cute photos of Abyssinian Pippi - published with the kind permission of the Abysphere cattery in Russia.

During the days we did not have a dish washer and washed our dishes by hand, our first Aby, Casanova, sat by the sink with his tail lolling in the soapy water, observing with keen interest, occasionally chasing the brush with his paw. Abys also love running tap water – they try to catch the water with their paw, which of course results in miniature rain in the surroundings of the tap and cat in question. And they may like to drink running water as well.

The People Oriented Aby Cat

The Aby cat is not a very vocal cat. They have lovely, soft voices. They have this special trilling sound that is something between a miaow and a purr. I think it sounds like a small alarm clock. It is a special greeting reserved for their loved humans. This, together with their adorable habit of head-butting in greeting (and greeting you profoundly for ten minutes when you come home) make them one of the most adorable cat breeds.

They are a bit reserved with stangers at first, but after a while of observing they usually come to say hi. And they can be very charming while at it. They are people-oriented. They tolerate children pretty well, but their deepest bonds are to adults. (Still, always remember not to leave your cats alone with a child if you have the slightest doubt the cat may be irritated).

Does your cat wear a collar? Use a snap release collar, so if your cat gets stuck from the collar, it can get free. These can be life-threatening situations.

The Abyssinian cats need a lot of activity and attention. They may actually get depressed if they are alone. So if you consider having an Abyssinian cat in the family, why not consider two cats while you’re at it. Otherwise you’ll be the target of never-ending attention from your Aby. If you have another cat, you get some breathing space. The Aby gets along very well with other cats, even though females can be a bit irritated with other cats (and quite territorial if they see unfamiliar cats).

The Aby cat is very brave, even though it is not foolish. Still it may be tempted to do odd things to show who’s who. When out tiny Bertha was still living with her first family, she was an outdoor cat. One day a neighbor’s dog wandered in their yard. It was winter, and Bertha was observing her surroundings from her favorite spot (on top of a snowman’s head). Bertha made it clear the yard was hers by chasing the big dog out of the yard and back into its own house. The poor dog escaped to its pen, but Bertha did not notice the doorway. She started to dig her way under the fence to the dog when Bertha’s human caught her by the tail. And now remember she was really a tiny cat – about half the size of a normal Aby. And the dog was a big hunting dog. The size did not matter here – Bertha was the boss and no one doubted it. The Abys are great hunters. So if yours is an outdoor cat, be prepared to mice-presents on your doorstep. They love to exercise and play tiger, if allowed.

Read more about the Aby here.

The photographs and paintings are copyrighted. Do not copy.

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Cat Diary


Now the other day I was lounging on my favorite spot of the house (a corner of a sofa where I can reach and grab passers-by with my paw in case they do not have the intelligence to stop and pet me) and watched Mommy packing her gym bag. She had just come through the door from the place she calls ”work”, had not forgotten to give us munchies (which is why I was lying all content on the sofa), and now was running around finding stuff to stuff into her bag. Mumbling something about trying to get to the gym in time for zumba.

Zumba? What on earth is zumba? If she is in such a hurry, it must be something to eat. No cat would ever rush anywhere with such stress unless it was about food.

Now I strongly dislike the idea Mommy goes somewhere to eat without bringing us any treats back. But does she? Oh no - when ever she comes home from this ”zumba” you can see she has run like a nut, because she is all red (resembles a tomato on two legs, really), her hair all wet, and showing all the signs of serious physical exercise. But she does not carry treats for us cats. Clearly this zumba is something so delicious it is worth such extreme chase to catch it.  And so important people would want to eat it all without sharing.

And so again, Mommy went and came back two hours later, her belly all full of zumba, and fell asleep on the couch for eating so much.

I have to shake my head. Really, people, you should not be so selfish. We have chosen you as our staff, and you should remember your first and foremost priority is to take care of us. Pampering is part of the deal. You give us special treats, you pet us, and we reward you with purrs and affection and waking you up at five in the morning so you won’t waste your days sleeping.  

Mommy - from now own I expect to receive my share of zumba.

- Rolli the Somali Cat

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Abys just love to play... Be prepared to stumble on toys everywhere if you get an Aby.