Blue Eyed Cats

Blue eyed cats are a strikingly beautiful sight. You would expect cat eyes to be yellow or green, and so the sight of a pair of sapphire-like cat eyes looking at you like living jewels makes you sigh with admiration. Those eyes look almost unreal at times with deep rich color... Living jewels to say the least. No wonder this eye color is very much wanted in cat circles. They say that once you had a cat with blue eyes, no other kind of cat will do anymore. 

Here you will find links to pages about cats with blue eyes - there are surpisingly many such cat breeds! Long- or short-haired, slim or  sturdy. But most importantly - they have those gorgeous eyes... In them you can see a tiny piece of a bright sky, a reflection of the deep blue sea, the brilliance of sapphires, the beauty of forget-me-nots... (How very fitting - as you could ever forget those eyes)


Originally long-haired Siamese kittens were born to breeders, but they did not start breeding them at first. Then, thankfully, people understood what a beauty the long-haired version of the Siamese was, and began to breed it on its own. The name was changed to Balinese, and this cat is just as graceful as the Balinese dancers...

Click here to read more about the Balinese Cat Breed.


The Ragdoll is a cat breed that often has those beautiful blue eyes - and the rest of the cat matches their jewel like beauty. Big, relaxed and beautiful... The Ragdoll is perfect for families with children, other pets and lots of visitors. This cat loves everyonel - and will follow people around like a puppy.

So if you are searching for a sapphire-eyed cat that would really be a companion to you, you might want to check out this lovely breed.

You can do so by clicking here.


The cat that many consider as the original blue-eyed cat breed. Certainly those sapphire eyes are truly breathtaking!

Start reading about this gorgeous cat breed here.

Blue Eyed Cats from Turkey:
Turkish Angora

The white Turkish Angora with its silky long coat and amazingly blue eyes is one of the most elegant breeds you could imagine. They almost glide when they walk, and when they turn the gaze of those sapphire eyes your way, you can only wonder how such a beautiful cat came to be.

This breed is totally devoted to their owners, and will certainly add grace and beauty into your life. They are also very interested in everything you do, so if you choose (and manage to) get this beautiful cat, be prepared to be observed by those beautiful blue eyes up close and all the time. An absolutely lovely cat breed!

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