Cat Problems and Questions

There are all sorts of cat problems and questions.

My intention was to do a site about cat breeds, their characteristics and looks - and right from the start I began to receive emails about cat problems. Questions about cat colors, behavior, cat health...

cat problems

Well I am no expert in all of those, but here you will find links to those breed pages where someone has sent a cat question. I'm sure we all would appreciate if all the lovely cat people out there with knowledge about a specific situation would kindly pop into these question pages and give suggestions and comments. Also I hope everyone understands these are individual opinions, not professional advice. If in doubt, consult your cat breeder or vet.

I shall group the questions here under general headlines. You shall find the specific questions pages when you click on the links given here.

If you have a question, use the forms under each cat breed's page where you can tell about your cat. If you have a house cat, use the house cat page, if you have a breed cat, then use the form you find on each cat breed's page. I shall collect the questions here and mention under which breed it is also, in case someone with a similar cat has the same problem. (After all the question you have may be breed-specific.)

Cat Behavior

Well, this is a large subject to handle... But one that never ceases to interest cat people!

My friend hates cats - my cat loves him, why?

Cat Colors

Questions about cat colors? How to name your cat's color?

Lavender pinkish kitty - which color? (House cats)

Hair Loss in cats

Shedding is normal, but sometimes it is too much... Nutrition? Genetics? Illness?

Excessive shedding (Japanese Bobtail)

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