Fine Cat Art

Is there such a thing as fine cat art? Well, I certainly think so.

I have been painting since I was three years old and my favorite subjects have always been animals.

Many artists paint beautiful animal portraits, and I have done my share of them as well through the years. But somewhere along the way I began to feel I'd like to make my paintings more artistic. And so I began to paint cats against beautiful backgrounds - often even rather abstract backgrounds, but as long as the background supports the beauty of the cat, I feel this has been a good choice.

If you click on the thumbnail of a painting on this page, it will take you to the page where you will see the painting itself, a story of the cat in the painting, and photos of the work in progress.

These fine cat art paintings are full of tiny details done with the smallest of miniature brushes (I love details as you can see in the work in progress - photos on each page...). This means the painting process is quite time consuming. If the paintings are for sale, you will see "for sale" written next to them. if you like the painting but it is not for sale, you will find a link that makes it possible for you to get prints of the painting.

I hope my love for cats shows in my paintings as well, and I hope you enjoy them. If you wish to comment on them, each page has is own comment section at the end of the page.

(If you are interested in having your cat painted into a portrait, you can send me a private message using the "Contact me" form - you will find it if you look to the red navigation buttons on the left of the page, fourth one from the bottom.)

White Turkish Angora
Mithrandir's Amazing Grace

This is a gouache painting of a beautiful snow-white Turkish Angora Grace - her official name is Mithrandir's Amazing Grace.

Click on the photo and see the painting and read Grace's story - you will understand why she is Anke's Heart Cat. A true story of courage and fighting and winning against the odds...

white Turkish Angora cat
Silver Egyptian Mau cat

This is a gouache painting of a silver Egyptian Mau Qetesh. Her full name is Aalspotz Qetesh.

Click on the photo to see the painting and pictures of work in progress and details of the painting.

Qetesh's human, Jesica, has written her story of choosing Qetesh (well, actually it appears to have been the other way around...)

This is a gouache painting of a green eyed, White Turkish Angora, Shael Hayit Snowfox or Snowi. Click on the picture to see the painting in more detail and read Brigitte's story about her heart cat.

Brigitte had a special bond with Snowi from the moment she saw his photo as a kitten.

white turkish angora

Other Fine Cat Art

These are paintings I have painted to illustrate this website or just for the enjoyment of painting.

Toyger Paintings

The amazing tiger-lookalike. If you wish to read more about the breed, visit the Toyger page.

I made these paintings to illustrate this website. I want to thank Helmi Flick for her kind permission to use her wonderful photographs as reference to these paintings.

Sitting Toyger

This is a gouache painting with a touch of colored pencils. I love the relaxed, calm look of this domestic little tiger. This breed is fine cat art on its own.

If you wish to see the details up close, you can go to my Fineartamerica page, where you can zoom in on the details the painting.

This design is sold also on Zazzle and Cafepress print on demand -products.

Toyger Turning

Here this beautiful Toyger cat has heard something interesting and turns towards the viewer. A digital painting in a more sketch-style, done with a Wacom tablet. An interesting way to paint - after a while you forget you are not working on traditional paper or canvas, and you need your artistic skills just as much as with traditional brush and paints.

If you wish to see the details of this painting up close, you can do so at my Fineartamerica page. This design can also be found in my Zazzle and Cafepress stores.

To see this painting in more detail, go to Fineartamerica pages,

or check out my Zazzle or Cafepress stores.

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white Turkish Angora
silver Egyptian Mau
green eyed white turkish angora cat
Toyger head painting

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