Bobtail Cats

When bobtail cats are mentioned, many people can usually mention at least one breed - which is usually the Manx cat. For many yearsI thought that the Manx was the only bobtailed (or in some cases even tailless) domestic cat. I even tried to get a Manx kitten years back, but there were no breeders nearby so I never ended up being owned by a bobtail.

But the fascination remained. To me bobtails brought to mind the lynx - I have always admired those beautiful wild cats...

Then I heard there were even more bobtailed cats than the Manx. Of course I had to find out more. (This was before every household had a computer, so off to the library I was!)

The first new bobtail breed I learned about was the Japanese Bobtail. I searched up information about the breed and was totally surprised at how different it looked from the Manx - and what a long history it had. It really seemed an important part of the Japanese culture and mythology. I found out those cute little Japanese cat statues I had so admired for a long time were actually Japanese Bobtails.

Now I was really curious and found even more bobtail cats: the American bobtail, the Kurilian bobtail, Pixiebob... Goodness, there were so many bobtailed cats!

Clearly there was a lot of research ahead of me when I decided on putting up this cat breed website. But what a fascinating subject of study!

Many think bobtails have trouble with their balance for the lack of the tail, but this is really not so. They can be amazingly good jumpers for example. But even minus the tail they are one hundred percent cats, make no mistake about it! And many people swear they are the best of cats.

That, of course, is a matter of opinion - cat people tend to think their "own" breed if the best, of course, and in a way they are all correct. Each cat is just the perfect one, when it finds its perfect person.

So here are then articles written about these lovely cats with a personal short tail - or no tail at all.

Japanese Bobtails

Those elegant, lovely Imperial treasure of ancient Japan.

Click here to read about the Japanese Bobtail!
More information about the Japanese Bobtail's Looks.

Japanese Bobtail Breeders

Japanese Bobtail Rescue

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