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Cat shelters and rescue organizations do valuable work in rescuing cats and finding them new homes.

As much as we would like, the world is not perfect and not all cats are safe and well taken care of. Their owners may become allergic or die. They may run away or be stolen. Nature catastrophies may separate them from their families. Too many people don't neuter their cats and so litter after litter of cats are born to miserable conditions.

If you have a big heart and would want to help such cat shelters, check out these pages. You might give them a donation of funds or your time. You might even find you perfect cat friend through them.

A rescued cat is not necessarily young, but that does not mean it would not be a perfect member to your family. Often the older cats are calmer than the very young ones - and there are situations when you might appreciate that.

And if you are looking for a young kitten, most likely you will find a cat mommy with a litter in these shelters. Just remember that when the cat becomes old enough, have it spayed. You would not want to add to the problem, would you? Also a spayed cat will not wander as far from home (if you let your cat out) and is not as prone to accidents and fights.

And maybe you could consider helping the shelters in their constant need for space? You could take cats to your home until they find their permanent home. (Just be warned: you probably won't want to give the cat away once it has come to your home).

Their work should be encouraged and helped, and this is why I wish to bring out this side of the cat world also. The world may not be perfect, but every little action to help is worth doing. It's the little things that matter...

Below you find links to each breed's rescue organization. If you wish to see the A-Z list of all the rescue organizations in pages, click here!
If you live in the US, here are three important phone numbers.

National Pet Recovery Hotline: 1-800-984-8638

If you have lost your pet, call here. This 24-h service can be of assistance. This is not a free service, but the sum they charge is not big, and even less so if you are a member.

Legal Hotline: 1-800-555-6517

If you suspect someone is abusing or mistreating a pet, call this number. They help in all forms of pet abuse.

Spay HeIpline: 1-800-248-SPAY

Spaying or neutering your cat is the way to prevent unwanted kittend from being born. Spay Helpline has information about over 950 clinics that spay and neuter cats. You can also ask for advice at cat shelters.

If you represent a purebred cat rescue organization that rescues all breeds of cat, and feel the breed specific pages are not for you, use the form end of the page.

And if you are the happy owner of a rescued cat and would like to share your story of your cat rescue, you can do so on this page:
Did You Rescue a Cat?

Abyssinian cat rescues

House cat rescue organizations

Japanese Bobtail rescue organizations

Polydactyl Cats Rescue Shelters

Ragdoll Cat Rescues

Scottish Fold Rescue Shelters

Singapura Rescue

Turkish Angora rescues

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Do You Rescue All Purebred Cats?

If you rescue all purebred cats, and feel the breed specific rescue pages are not for you, use this form. If you specialize in certains breeds, let us know, and if you are not breed specific, tell that too.

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