Large Domestic Cat Breeds

Many people like it big - and large domestic cat breeds have certainly gained popularity these last few years. They are handsome, beautiful, and tame (well - as far as cats go, that is).

Ragdoll cats, Savannah cats, Maine Coon... There are so many beautiful, big cat breeds. Here you will find information about them.

The characters and looks of these breeds are all different, so if you are considering a big cat as a new family member, read information about each of these breeds to be sure you are getting the right kind of a cat. Some are more laid back than others, some more independent, some more active. If you have children, you want to be sure your new cat likes children too.

Or if you have an adult household and spend much time away from home, make sure your cat likes to spend time on its own (or else you probably end up with two cats - which in itself is not a bad idea as cats usually enjoy the company of a feline friend).


ragdoll cat

One of the most laid back - and biggest cat breeds. Ragdoll cat breed is the result of a careful breeding program started already in the 1960's. It's characteristic feature is its laid-back, relaxed attitude, literally. You lift it up, it goes all relaxed. It is very good with children and your constant companion. It is also called the "puppy cat" because it follows you where ever you go.

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