Cat Colors
Ragdoll Cat

There are many Ragdoll cat colors, and three patterns.

A pointed or mitted ragdoll cat kitten is born white, and the first signs of its color start to show at ten days of age. From then on the color keeps developing until the cat reaches full color at two years of age. The mink-colored kitten is an exception – it shows color from birth.

The three patterns with their different color variations are the following:

Cat Colors - Pointed / Colorpoint Ragdoll Cat

The extremities – nose, ears, paws and tail - are of one, darker color and the rest of the body lighter in color. There are no white markings, even though the body color may be light enough to look white. The nose leather and paw pads are to match the point color.

The colors can be seal point, blue point, chocolate point. lilac point.

A colorpoint Ragdoll is often mixed up with the Himalayan cat.

A pointed Ragdoll has blue eyes.

Cat Colors - Seal Point Ragdoll Cat

A seal point Ragdoll cat has a white inverted V on the face, white legs and feet and white ruff and underside. The ears and tails of a seal point Ragdoll are point colored, and the nose leather and paw pads are pink. There can be color spotting on the back in lighter than the point color. There can also be random white spotting and color patches in any size and shape. 

Cat Colors - Mitted Ragdoll Cat

Just like the name says, it has “mittens” on its front paws. The hind legs have white “boots” – the white color reaches further up than the front leg mittens. This Ragdoll has a colored mask, ears and tail. It can have a white line or blaze on its face, but not always.

The Mitted Ragdoll must have a white stripe on its belly beginning from its chin and extending the whole length of the stomach. It must also have a white chin and ruff. The mitted ragdoll is often confused for a Birman cat, but you can tell the difference from its chin: Ragdoll’s chin is white, the Birman’s is colored.

The paw pads are pink.

The high-mitted Ragdoll’s mittens reach much further up the front leg than the traditional mitted one’s.

Cat Colors - Bicolor Ragdoll Cat

A bicolor Ragdoll has white on its face too – this is in a form of an inverted V. A bicolor Ragdoll has the traditional dark points, but its body color is like a saddle on its back and the rest of the coat is white. The legs and feet are white, the belly is white. And the ruff is also white. It is possible for a bicolor Ragdoll to have white patches on its back. Nose leather and paw pads are pink.

A bicolor Ragdoll with lots of white is called Harlequin- or Van-patterned. The saddle of body color may even be absent. This is a rare Ragdoll color.

Sealpoint bicolor Ragdoll

Cat Colors - Solid Colored Ragdolls 

These are the non-pointed or self-colored Ragdolls.

The color can be black, red, blue, chocolate, lilac, white, cream, calico/tortie and blue/cream.

The eye colors vary from blue to aqua (a beautiful blue-green), from greenish yellow to copper. Sometimes a solid colored Ragdoll can be odd-eyed.

The solids can be said to be of the oldest bloodlines. Ann Baker’s cat Josephine, from whom all Ragdolls descend from, had a daughter Buckwheat. Buckwheat gave birth to two solid colored Ragdolls: one solid black and one solid black and white, so the solid colors were present from the very beginning of the breed.


The minks come in traditional pointed colors, but the color is much richer than in “ordinary” pointed Ragdolls. Also the mink Ragdoll kittens are born with color and not white. Their color is so rich that the pointed color difference is minimal – it is there, but barely visible, in very strong and dark shade. This is a rare color of Ragdoll, but there are some breeders who specialize in Minks. The mink also descends from the very first Ragdolls ever bred.

The name “mink” comes from the fact that the fur is even softer than with normal Ragdolls. Doesn’t feel it can be possible, but it really is. It is mink-soft – if you have ever had the chance to stroke mink coat, you know what that means.

A mink Ragdoll have beautiful aqua-colored eyes (a greenish blue color). A small percentage of minks can have blue eyes too.

If two mink Ragdolls are bred together, an even richer color is the result. It is called the Sepia. The sepias usually have gold or green eyes.

Other Colors

There are also certain points that come in any of the standard patterns and colors.

Lynx Point

The lynx point is also called the tabby point. A lynx pointed Ragdoll has tabby markings on its face (Looks like a W-letter on its forehead), this overlays all other patterns.

Tortie Point

Ragdoll Tortie ColorpointRagdoll Tortie Colorpoint

Ragdoll Tortie Colorpoint - by LifeSharePhoto / iStockphoto

Red or cream color is mixed with one other color, and this overlays all patterns.

Torbie Point

This is basically a tortie with the lynx pattern.

Flame Point

The flame point Ragdoll cat has points is red color. This is quite a beautiful color variation!

Cream Point

The points of the cream point Ragdoll are in dark cream color. 

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