RagaMuffin Cats' Looks

The RagaMuffin cats are very sweet-looking. Their heads are broad, their muzzles round, and they have puffy whisker pads. Their plush rabbit-like coat makes them look bigger than their actual size.

Photo copyright by Krissi Lundgren at Dreamstime

And they are big. Their size varies from medium to large, much like the Ragdoll, but they are heavier and more muscular. They have heavier bones and are muscular especially in the hindquarters, which should be as broad as the shoulders. Female RagaMuffins may have more delicate boning.

The RagaMuffin females a smaller than the males and weigh from 8-15 pounds (3 to 7 kg), and males weigh from 12 to 20 pounds (5,5 to 10 kg).

RagaMuffin cats have a fatty pad on their abdomen (this is allowed to be underdeveloped in younger cats). They should not have any backbone or ribs visible, nor should these feel under your hand when stroking the cat.

RagaMuffin Cats' Body

The body of the RagaMuffin is rectangular in shape. The breed has a broad chest and shoulders, and a short, strong neck. The neck can even be heavy, especially in male cats. Jowliness is allowed in adult male RagaMuffins.

The tail is long, full plume, proportionate to the body. It tapers slightly towards the tip.


Hindquarters are well muscled, and should be equally broad as the shoulders.


RagaMuffin's head is medium in size, but the long fur makes the head look larger than it actually is. It is a broad, modified wedge with a definite rounded form that differentiates the RagaMuffin from the Ragdoll. The whisker pads are puffy, and the muzzle is rounded, slightly shortened.  The chin is round in profile.

There is a smooth nose dip that curves towards the moderately rounded forehead and top of the head. There is no break in the nose, the curve is soft.

The ears are medium in size and situated as much on the side as on the top of the head, continuing the triangular look of the face. The ears are tilted slightly forward and have rounded tips. Ear tufts are allowed, and the furnishings are moderate.

Photo copyright by Susansanger at Dreamstime


The eyes of the Ragamuffin are set moderately wide and are walnut shaped. A slight oriental tip is allowed. The eyes are very expressive, and should have a color that is as intensive as possible - in diluted coat colors the eye color also can be lighter.

Solid colored RagaMuffins (including silver) can have eyes of any color, also odd eyes are accepted.

Colorpoints should have blue eyes. Minks can have blue, green, blue-green, aqua or odd eyes.

Sepias can have golden, gold-green or odd eyes.

RagaMuffin Cats' Coats

The coat of the RagaMuffin is medium to long in length. It's texture is thick, silky and plush (the texture varies somewhat according to color). When you stroke the RagaMuffin you cannot but wonder how incredibly soft and tense the coat is. The term often used of the RagaMuffin's coat is "rabbit-like".

Despite its thickness the RagaMuffin's coat does not mat or clump easily.

The fur is longer around the neck and outer edges of the face, forming a ruff. The coat is also longer in the area from top of the head to shoulder blades and back. The coat is somewhat shorter on sides and tummy (medium to medium long).

The coat on the legs varies in length: it is thick, and short to medium in length on front legs, and medium to medium-long on the hind legs. There is a frill on the hindquarters.

RagaMuffin Coat Colors

RahaMuffin kittens are born white and develop their color later on.

RagaMuffins can have coats of any color or pattern, However, if you are planning on showing your cat, remember that not all cat fancies accept colorpoints. Any amount of white is acceptable, and no symmetry is required. Pure whites are rare, though.  (A white-tipped tail is considered desirable).

Incomplete and light markings are allowed in young cats, and on the other end of the scale coat darkening is allowed in older cats.

Bicolor RagaMuffins have an inverted V on the forehead (the legs, tummy and ruff are white).

Also the nose leather and paw pads can be of any color.

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