Turkish Angora Rescue

Turkish Angora rescue

Turkish Angora rescue organizations may help you to help - if you love the breed, why not consider giving a home to a rescued Angora?

One would never believe anyone would abandon their Turkish Angora, let alone that you would find one in a cat shelter, but life is not all roses and sunshine.

A cat may need rescuing for many reasons - its owner may die, it may run away, there may be allergies in the family... And then of course there are those very sad cases where a cat is mistreated badly.

If you wish to give a home to a rescued Turkish Angora, here you will find the websites to those everyday angels who wish to take care of these beautiful creatures in need of a new Forever Home.

Please take into consideration that most of these shelters work locally and are not in position to be able to work nation- or worldwide, unless they mention it.

(Thank you, Mithrandir cattery for the permission to use this beautiful photo of little Chiyoko.)

If you represent a TA Rescue and wish to have your information added to the list, you can do so at the end of the page

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Do You Run a Turkish Angora Rescue?

If you have a Turkish Angora rescue organization or shelter, do tell us about it here!

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