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Sun Spots

As my first page of the Diary of a Cat, I give you the maximization of sun spots.

Now you people probably do not know that we cats know all about you. It may be we look like we were sleeping on the couch, deep in meditation, but actually we are observing your behavior constantly. We don't need to have our eyes open to do so, but if necessary, we may open them ever so slightly so that you won't even know we are looking at you. Other time it is quite enough just to listen to you.

I, Rolli the Somali Cat, am the writer of this Diary of a Cat and in my years of observation, have noticed many things about you. One of them is that people do not know how to enjoy sunshine.

Really. What is better than a spot of sunshine that comes to greet you through the window? That is when you should step into the sun spot and do the Cat Sun Ritual.

Diary of a Cat - Humans and Sun Spots

We – that means me and the short haired Somalis Hippu and Pipsa who also own the humans in this home - once had a real symposium about the matter when the humans were at 'work' as they call the place where they go to each day. We were worried about how they ignored the sun and decided we would need to show them with our own example how sun spots should be used.

A sunspot is a sign you should relax – every cat knows this. And this starts by doing the Cat Sun Ritual. But much to our amazement it seems the humans don't know what a Cat Sun Ritual is! Can you imagine?

When our humans had time to practice yoga, they did mention this "sun greeting" thingy and performed it once in a while, while we observed, of course. To us cats it looked like that whoever developed the human sun greeting, had been observing cats - there were elements of the Sun Ritual of Cats, but oddly enough the whole procedure ended up in an upright position. I do not know who had taught them their greeting but it sure went all wrong.

Diary of a Cat - Sun Spot Advice for Humans

So, in case no one has told you people how to correctly perform a Sun Ritual, here goes:

First, you sit on the floor for a brief moment and observe the sun spot in question, just to show your appreciation. I know this sitting down on the floor is a bit weird for you humans, but you should try it. Of course you do not have a tail to balance your sitting, which means you look a bit clumsy and cannot squat down in a graceful position.

But you are allowed to turn your legs sideways and lean to your hand, due to your lack of the perfect conformation of cats. The important thing is to look at the sun spot in for a while and half close your eyes in appreciation. This to us is the Sun Greeting part.

Then you move into the very center of the sunny spot. And – now this is the most important thing – you then lie down on your side and stretch so that you maximize the use of the sun spot. Leave not an inch unused!

Here is an example how to do it:

rolli the somali cat

I am stretching here, maximizing my exposure to the sun in this slightly narrow strip on sun. Also notice the tip of my tail – it is in the shadow. Hippu and Pipsa only gave me 8 points out of 10 for this performance, saying my front legs were not totally in the sun either. Well, it seems I need to practice some more… But all in all I am the best in this sport in this home and I am given credit for it too.

Then, once you have made sure you are using all of the sun spot, you close your eyes and sigh. And relax. Totally. That is the greatest appreciation you can show to a sun spot. Let your tail go limp, let your whiskers twitch ever so slightly. And then you just take in the warmth.

Once you are well done on one side, roll over to the other – a good moment to briefly check your sun spot maximization. You may also choose to warm your belly and let your limbs loll on the sides. Try it. Very relaxing. Here is an example of Hippu doing this excercise (thank you for posing, Hippu!):

hippu the abyssinian cat

Diary of a Cat - Advanced Sun Spot Maximization

The problem of course is that sun spots move. But with time you’ll learn to move with it so that no one really knows how you do it. Mommy has often said we cats must be related to amoebas and move about by using our skin just like an amoeba stretches itself to move forward.

Well, I am not saying she is wrong and I am not saying she is right. Some things are the eternal secrets of cats, and not to be revealed. There is a Secret Code of Cats (SCC for short) which no cat is to share with humans.

And for heaven’s sake: when the sun comes out, you do not – I repeat: NOT – close the curtains. That is utter waste of the resources of total relaxation. If you do not see those computer screens of your television properly because of the bright sunlight, then obviously you are not looking at them at the right time of the day. Switch them off and find yourself a sun spot.

Diary of a Cat - Sun Spots Conclusion

So, the next time, where ever you are, when you meet a sun spot, do as I taught you. You may carry a yoga mat with you, if you feel uncomfortable lying on the floor.

Would the world not be a better place if people were not so busy and instead every time they see a sunny spot, they would lie down, stretch and relax. Even for a moment? Imagine how relaxed your meetings would be? Everyone in a comfortable position on the sunny floor (or table – we cats find high places even better than the floor), talking sleepily and taking time to consider what the other has said while the sun warms you nicely. Your decisions might be a lot better, let me tell you!

Of course, there is one legitimate excuse not to do this. And that, like every cat knows, is the sound of the fridge door or a can of food opening


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