Halloween Cat

halloween cat

Ah, Halloween... Time for the Halloween Cat to come out of the pumpkin. The perfect time for pumpkins, bats, withces, monsters and what have you. Anything creepy and crawly is perfect.

I drew Kitty Jingle once and then when the summer turned to fall and the dark nights came, I realized he would make a perfect Halloween Kitty. Having just written about the Cat in a Box (about Rolli, who else...), the idea of a cat sitting inside a pumpkin came to mind almost instantly. I just know that if we had a carved pumpkin here, it would take approximately twenty seconds before there was a cat sitting inside it.

So - if you love cats and Halloween and are looking for Halloween stuff, look no further. Clic on these pics and you will find yourself in the perfect Kitty Halloween store. Two of them, to be exact. (It only makes sense to compare the horrible products so you can reach the maximum effect of Halloweenness...)

halloween cat

If you are all set up to make some creepy stew, here is your apron! Go out to look for those spider legs, bat wings, moss and lizard scales to do your very worst cooking. After all some real monster might come by trick or treating, and probably isn't all that interested in ordinary sweets.

No matter how horrid your cooking, this apron will keep you clean!

halloween cat

And here you have the perfect binder to keep those horrible receipes and notes from your purrfect Halloween! After all it takes some work to plan for the best Halloween party next year. It might even take a whole year, if you really set your mind to it.

halloween cat

And afer a full night of Halloween partying you want to crawl under the blankets to escape the sunlight. Just don't bother to search for the pillow. It is taken.

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