Shelter Cat

shelter cat

I drew this shelter cat cartoon-figure on evening when I had finished making a page for cat rescues for yet another cat breed. Somehow this figure of a cat behind bars, waiting for its new Purrson and a forever home just came crystal clear to my mind.

So, I drew this and thought I'd make a page for this cartoon on I wanted to make this cute, but touching too.

After all - the cat is the most popular pet in many countries of the world, and many people just automatically think of getting a kitten when they plan on having a cat. And yet the shelters are full of lovable cats that are used to humans, and ready to love their new owners with all their hearts. Many of them are adults, but yes, there are plenty of kittens too.

So if you are a cat lover, why not remind people subtly that there are cat shelters around?

By clicking on these pictures you end up on pages with many more products and gifts with this design.

shelter cat

This is an easy way to spread the word - put this shelter kitty button on your bag or jacket. Easy to put on and take off - or even give as a gift.

shelter cat

And we all use caps to shelter our eyes from the sun (and rain, too, occasionally). So wear this cap and spread the knowledge each time you meet someone.

shelter cat

And when friends come over and you offer them something cool to drink - here come drinking glasses with the shelter kitty design! So how about it - use this cute design and spread the knowledge!





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