by Diane
(Westport, MA USA)

She was a stray , hanging around a friends yard, waiting to be fed. After a while we were asked if we could bring her into our home. Since my husband is not a pet person, I was a bit nervous it would not work. Well, after bringing her to the vet and fixing her up a bit, mites, hernia, fleas and just extremely skinny...she became one of the family very quickly. She is so loving, and the man who didn't think he would like a the one who plays with her the most. She is so intelligent and does the silliest things... We will keep her happy and healthy and she is doing the same for us!

Leena’s answer

I so love these stories where someone takes a stray cat into their home and into their heart… It really makes me believe in the goodness of people…

I am sure your friend is sometimes thinking why did he not take her in. But many people think strays are too wild to be tamed or cause trouble and are afraid of all the vet bills. And yet in many cases these strays were once in someone’s home, got used to people (which is why they try to make contact with people again, remembering they were taken care of once) and are so wanting to find a new home.

Poor Bella must have been in quite a condition before you took her in. Mites… Hernia… Fleas… Poor girl!

But it sure sounds like you have found a true gem in her. I wonder what her story is, with her being so loving and intelligent. Was she lost? Stolen? Did someone throw her out?

Whatever the case, you were meant to meet. What a wonderful thing it is to say “We will keep her happy and healthy and she is doing the same for us!” That really proves you understand at a deep level the connection between people and pets.
That is what it is all about.

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