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Boots came to us as a stray, out in the cold and had been harmed by someone sticking a needle or nail through his right front paw. Enough of that, he is indoors all the time.

His nature is so sweet, playful, kind. Loves to be around us but still a little skiddish due to his past treatment. Like to say we have another stray cat who came to us with the same wound, he too is indoors.

Boots has adapted pretty well considering that he no longer go outside, can't take the chance.

He appears to do well with his extra toes, front and back, no different. Still has nails in those paws, but does not use them to hurt.

We are happy to know there is a term for his structure, we love him and that is it.

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Dec 19, 2014
by: Leena

It is so wonderful to read how people actually care about the stray cats out there. And also just as sad to read how these cats are treated so cruelly, if they don't find a home of their own.

I am so happy to hear Boots and the other cat have a good, safe home with you now.

Our cats are also indoor cats - we live in a city and I could not let them go out where there are cars, foxes, and inconsiderate people. They have no trouble being indoor cats only, at least they show no signs of stress over this.

I hope you shall have your cats as family member for a long time to come.


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