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Here are listed all the cat rescue organizations and shelters that have built a free page for themselves within

They are all arranged in alphabetical order according to location. When you click to the link here, you are taken to that particular breed's rescue page where you shall find the rescue in question - and of course other shelters which specialize in that particular breed.

It is always a good choice to consider a rescue cat, if you are not planning to go to shows with your cat. (Well, actually you still could! Many of these cats are true beauties!)

If you choose your cat from a no-kill shelter, you can be sure your cat has been evaluated to see what kind of family would be the best for it. It has received necessary veterinary care, and should be healthy.

Do not be surprised if the shelter wishes to evaluate you too - they do not wish the cats to return to the shelter because the person and the cat don't fit each other. These cats deserve all the love and security they can get, so please be understanding if you are interviewed first.

These cats are not necessarily young, but then again an adult cat is a good choice in many cases. And if you are looking for kittens - many cats arrive to the shelter with a litter or pregnant, so there are usually kittens available too.



The Atlanta Abyssinian Rescue

Southern California

Southern California Abyssinian Rescue

Europe and Russia


Paiya Animal rescue Club


The Singapura Cat Club


Australia and Oceania


Victoria, Gippsland

Mangalakatzs Singapura Rescue

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