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polydactyl cats rescue

This is a page where polydactyl cats rescue shelters and rescue organizations can build a page about their work. This is a free service. The page built will have a permanent web page address.

If you represent a polydactyl cats rescue organization, go to the form at the end of the page, and write your information. Tell where you are located, and share photos also - you can put up to four photos or graphics to your page.

Don't forget to put your contact information - if you have a website, write the address and I shall put it live so that when people click the address, they are taken to your web site.

You can also embed videos if you wish - send the youtube code and I shall put it live too.

If you are not a polydactyl rescue representative, but know of a shelter that saves polydactyls as well, let them know of this page so they can build a page for themselves. If they rescue other cats also, I can put a link to the page they build here from the domestic cat rescue page as well.

There are many people who love these thumb cats and are queueing for a many-toed kitten. So why not let them know where they could find these cats - both kittens and adults.

I shall put the polydactyl rescue shelter here in alphabetical order according to location.

polydactyl cats rescue



Warner Robins Animal Shelter

This link to Warner Robins Animal Shelter was not sent from the rescue itself but by a cat lover who had adopted a cat from them. The link goes to her post where the contact information to the shelter is written.

Europe and Russia


Australia and Oceania


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Do You Run a Polydactyl Cats Rescue?

Do you run a polydactyl cats rescue? If so, let us know where you are located.

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a concerned cat lover / Warner Robins (GA) Animal shelter Not rated yet
http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/21506012 I was browsing your website about Turkish Angoras and remembered that this cat is at the Warner Robins (GA) …

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The photos of the grey polydactyl cats paws are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License.Attribution: Photographed by Rudy Suarez / Nov. 2006 / Cat: Mya Suarez

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