Salem Le Roy

by Lilith Marie Haas
(Bellflower, CA)

He is all black and has large mitten feet on both front paws with an extra claw that does not retract in the center. Some of his claws as he has gotten older grow back into the pads of his feet and are very difficult to trim. The vet did not recommend I have any claws removed.

He was feral and just showed up one day. He is very reclusive and only friendly when he wants something, then he is quite demanding. I'm sure he thinks of himself as my owner and not the other way around. I just cut his claws and so I will wait and try to add photos later.

Leena’s comment:

Is his name really Salem Le Roy? (Hope I got this right, LOL) – Love the name! And all black… Wow, he must be an impressive sight! Was he very young when he appeared? He must have been used to people at some point to actively search for human company, even if it was at first just to get some food. I love these stories where good-hearted cat people take feral cats to their homes and are prepared to keep them for good.

I am quite sure you got the “ownership” –part just right. Cats do know exactly who is the master. “Dogs have owners, cats have staff” as the famous saying goes… So true. Well, ok, I choose to forget that when any of our cats climb to my lap and start purring happily. It is in those moments when I feel the world is a very good place after all.

And I bet it must be tricky to trim such claws. I hope you don’t get too many scratches in the process. Cats can be quite "wiggly" (and sharp) when it comes to trimming nails. Starting early in the kitten’s life helps, but how you managed to persuade an originally feral cat to claw trimming I have no idea…

If you get photos of your black panter (I’d love to see them!), just use the same form you used to send this little story of Salem Le Roy – mention there they are for a post you already sent and I will do my very best to attach them to this page. If I don’t manage I shall then write to you and ask you to send them by email.

So far I have managed the technical parts of the website building, but I can’t take the credit for it. If I didn’t use SBI (the “powered by SBI” at the bottom of the page explains), I am sure I could not build a single page – I have no clue about html… I am much more at home with hieroglyphs LOL (I study Egyptology)

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