Smokey Joe

by Jen
(Poughkeepsie Ny)

One sunny but cold January day, a cat,obviously needing shelter from the Ny winter, pushed through a temporary "window" that had broken during a storm,it was cardboard but taped,he had been crying and I went to investigate and brought him upstairs with some food.

He was very friendly and brought him to the local SPCA to get him checked out and leave my Phone# in case anyone was missing a very lovely male cat.

They had no room for another cat at the shelter,so I took him home,placed ad on internet for lost/found and realized soon after that this was no ordinary feline.
For one,he was so intent on doing everthing with me,following my every move and wanted to look into my eyes all the time.
He greets everyone with a songlike voice,not the usual "meow"

He is a keeper and no one has come forward to claim him.

I found out he was a Korat,after researching Grey's online..

He has won my heart and I will be sure to give him my complete loyalty, he deserves it.

Leena’s answer

Now I am sure there are angels for animals – both the ones we cannot see and the ones we can – and you belong to the latter group. You were clearly meant for each other, clearly. And it never ceases to amaze me how some people seem to think cat’s are aloof and not loving. I have had cats since early childhood and they all showed their affection and love to their humans. Of course the breed has something to do with the way they express themselves, but the main point is the love is there.

I love the name of Smokey Joe, it really tells well about his amazing color…

I hope you get many happy years together!

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Feb 25, 2012
The lottery numbers make sense :) NEW
by: Leena

I mean of course Smokey Joe wishes to help buy him the best cat food out there, so he gets these lottery winnings for you. So keep on buying those lottery tickets for him - one day you might write a book named "Lottery Joe" while sitting on your villa porch in the Bahamas, thanks to all his winnings. LOL :D

Feb 24, 2012
Thanks for the comments on Smokey Joe! NEW
by: Jen

I was overjoyed to share my Korat experiance and hear from all...

I hope to share more stories & pictures in the fututre...

I love the contributions,information,and the wonderful photo's that have been shared and plan to visit this site often.

Oh,just an F.Y.I. in reference to the good possibility that Korat's may indeed be the feline of good fortunes..since Smokey Joe arrived,seemingly out of "nowhere," a household memeber did in fact "hit" a decent sum on his lottery numbers..

Thank You for allowing me to share,

Best Regards to all of us who have found fortune in just the company of these sweet friends.

Feb 23, 2012
Smokey Joe & Jennifer
by: Marcie

What a beautiful kitty! It sounds to me, you guys were ment to find each other. Love the name :)

Feb 23, 2012
Smokey Joe Has A Twin
by: Anonymous

Your Smokey looks exactly like the stray male that adopted me,right down to the splash of white on his chest.I guess everyone does have a twin in this world.Tell smokey his twin Gus said hi!

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