Trip to Athens

by Nelina

Rolli you'll love Athens! Tell your mum to send you right away!

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Mar 26, 2011
by: Rolli

You are a genious, Nelina, for sure! Now let's see...

Nr 1 is a bit difficult - Mommy is rather paranoid in that respect - she saves her text just about after each sentence... But I have noticed an effect on her mindset when I jump on her drumming-machine (=keyboard) and do a little writing myself.

Nr 2 - darned - she keeps her canvases on easels. She says she learned it the hard way when one of our predecessors (Bertha, a short-haired Somali) had visited the sandbox, gone beserk as is usual and started running like a mad cat. Mommy was just painting something with acrylics, the canvas flat on a table. Bertha levitated out of thin air and landed on her palette. In the middle of a pool of bright blue acrylic paint. Then Bertha made the painting Mommy was working on a bit more artistic by leaving bright blue pawprints on it. (Acrylics dry almost instantly, you know... Mommy was not happy, but what can you say - there is no arguing over matters of artistic taste.)

After which Bertha disappeared somewhere. The blue pawprints never disappeared from the floor I am told. Interestingly there were some on the walls too. She must have eaten chili.

Nr 3- now that is hard... it is in the SCC of Somalis... (read the SunSpots Maximization and you will know what I mean)

Nr 4 - I have tried - but the SCC of Somalis immediately takes hold and I end up washing them instead.

This seems to be a tough nut to crack!

In all purrrrfection,

Rolli :)

Mar 26, 2011
Ways to make mummy angry
by: Nelina (again)

1. Press the button escape when she writes the Egyptology essay (tip: make sure she hasn't saved anything)
2. Exercise these wonderful little nails on a canvas, preferably with drawings on it!
3. Stop being sweet (no purring, no caressing, no cleaning either)
4. Attack the other cats of the house (if I remember correctly there are two more!)

Do these for a week (no breaks) and you'll be in Athens in no time!

Mar 24, 2011
Nelina, my greatest fan!
by: Rolli

How nice to hear from you, Nelina! As you know I have a fan club (Mommy says she'll need to start giving out queue numbers soon). But I had a talk with her, pointing out that you of all my admirers are the most active in your fan-club activity. (Wonderful to meet people who understand that Somalis are the most beautiful of cats! You have obviously been brought up properly! Give my best to your mother for a job well done!)

Mommy was wondering if I might misbehave, should I travel to warmer climates with lots of sun spots and people who like cats (and understand the necessity of proper feeding a cat once every hour).

Misbehave? What ever does she mean... I could sit in a sun spot, greet all my fan club members and wash them all (as you know I like to clean everyone, cats and humans alike).

Well, we need to keep on convincing her - she seems to like to keep me here and I would not want to hurt her feelings.

Better go disturb that keyboard drumming of hers again... What is it with you people and those computers...?

With my purrfect regards,

Rolli :)

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