by Stefania

When I first moved to Boston I noticed several strays behind my building. Meesh was the youngest, 8 weeks at the most so I rescued her and now she is the happiest most energetic kitten! I had a turkish van when I was younger and now I am lucky to own a turkish angora. They really are such silly and sweet cats

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Nov 28, 2011
by: meange

it is so amazing what you can find if you just look. In your case in your own backyard! So glade that pulling a stray off the street has worked out so well for you!! :)

Nov 28, 2011
Hi, Stefania (and Meesh, of course)!
by: Leena

I was just laughing at one of my Facebook friends who had sent a photo of her Turkish Angora with a Christmas bow tie around the neck. My friend’s comment on the photo was that the cat in question promptly ate the bow in question after it had been released. (Well not saying it actually chewed and swallowed the fashion item, but obviously some sort of “dental damage” was caused to it). And right after that I noticed your post about Meesh-Morimoto LOL.

I don’t have Turkish Angoras myself, but when I wrote the pages about the breed I absolutely fell in love with them. If only hubby dear wasn’t of the opion three cats (two Abys and a Somali) are enough, I am sure we would be having one plume-tailed Turkish Angora. At least.

And sweet cats they are – everyone who owns (or rather: is owned by) a Turkish Angora say the same. Also the energetic part doesn’t seem to vanish anywhere with age – these kitties love to be active, follow you around and be generally admired. After all they are such ballerinas and beauties…

Does Meeshe's name mean something special? Sounds Japanese to me.

And that picture is the cutest! How can you resist such a soft fluffy tummy? And the minute you try to scratch it, 18 needle-sharp nails (not forgetting the teeth) appear from all that fluffiness and you are expected to play with the kitten until it tires, trying not to get too many scratches in the process.

I remember once in a library when I noticed familiar looking scratches in the hands of a lady next to me. At the same time she looked at my scratched hands and we both started laughing. “Kitten?” I asked “Yes, kitten,” she answered.

And that was the only thing we said to each other, but both left the library with a wide smile. People without cats probably never understand… How could anyone like scratches in their hands LOL

And you did such a wonderful thing by taking little Meesh to your home. I wish there were more people like you.

Leena :)

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