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Approx 3 litters per year.

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Oct 04, 2022
Looking to breed
by: JoEllen

Our family rescued a baby polydatyl kitten over a year ago. We're looking to breed her because she is so sweet. Looking for other poly parents who would be willing to do the same. We're located in Tampa, FL.

Aug 02, 2017
Litter anouncement NEW
by: precious polys

Asia X Bunny due Sept 3rd. Waiting list fills up fast, last litter for 2017

Jun 16, 2015
Kittens avail
by: Anonymous

As of 6-15-15 I have 2 female polys that are avail, 1 tabby calico & 1 dark tortie. Will be ready 7/31/15 email if interested. or text 303-710-5853

Mar 19, 2015
updated web site
by: Amy
Kittens expected spring of 2015
or text 303-710-5853

Mar 07, 2013
Kittens due March 2013
by: Amy

Expecting poly kittens end of march. Father is Bunny(poly male) Mother is Alaska, tabbie calico non poly. All kittens will have long hair but only a few will have extra toes. Reserve yours now! $250 for polys, $100 for non polys.

Mar 06, 2013
Love It!!
by: Haleigh

I will be getting a boy kitten in April and I got a picture of him and it looks soooo cute! I recommend you only buy a polydactyl from this breeder!! :-)

Dec 06, 2012
Wonderful kittens
by: Jenny

I adopted a poly kitten from a March 2012 litter from this breeder. I must say, he is the most wonderful cat I have every owned. He is loving, playful and beautiful.

I am now adopting a 2nd kitten from this breeder and I highly recommend doing business with her. She communicates and goes out ofher way to make sure you are happy and most of all, you can tell these kittens come from a loved, well cared for environment.

She will not adopt these kittens out before they are 8 weeks old and eating solid food.

I would not hesitate in the least purchasing a kitten from her if you are in the market for healthy, loving companion.

Oct 30, 2012
Kittens now avail for Christmas
by: Amy

2 male poly kittens avail now, will be ready in time for Christmas 2012. Hurry to reserve one!

Jun 04, 2012
NEW: Web site
by: Amy

You can visit us @

Jun 01, 2012
Love my kittens!
by: Mindy

I adopted 2 twin kittens from Precious Polys this Spring and one is a poly. Both are incredibly healthy and have wonderful personalities. I really enjoyed getting to know my kittens' parents- I knew they would be healthy before they were even here.

I appreciated the open line of communication Amy provided and the picture updates as my kittens grew. I also used one of the low cost spay/neuter clinics Amy provided as resources when I adopted. That saved me a lot of money and they did a quality job.

I would definitely recommend Precious Polys to anyone looking for a poly or just a healthy, hearty kitten.

Apr 24, 2012
by: AMY


Mar 11, 2012
About anonymous breeder comments
by: Leena

When posting negative comments about a breeder, it is not good behavior to do this anonymously. Too easy for anyone to smudge someone's reputation.

Constructive discussion is encouraged, of course. And often it may be a question on misunderstanding. But I do not wish to see online quarreling here, I want to see polite behavior, not nameless accusations.

I have corresponded with Precious Polys about the anonymous comment here and they say they do not know how this could be about them as this is their first year as a breeder and that the comment maker must have them confused for someone else.

If many negative comments occur of the same breeder (and they do not come from the same location), then I might consider taking some action regarding the breeder's page here on the site.

I do wish this website to be a good source of cat information and trustworthy breeders who have the cats best interest in their hearts.

With Precious Polys I find the fact that they want the new owner to come and pick the kitten up themselves to be a good thing. Any respectable breeder wants to be sure their kittens are going to a good home, and meeting the people who wants to have a kitten is a wise thing, if at all possible.


Mar 11, 2012
To the nasty comment:
by: Anonymous

I do not sell kittens before they are 8 weeks old. I do however require a deposit to hold them. And no, I do not deliver, kittens are pick up only. Have a great day.

Mar 04, 2012
Beware Precious Polys
by: Anonymous

Beware of doing business with Precious Polys. She is selling kittens before they are weened from their Mom and promising cats to people she has no intentions of deliverying them too. I would think twice before doing business with her. ...I learned my lesson.

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