The Red Ferrari Fly

The fastest insect imaginable

This morning Daddy played with us. Someone gave him as a Christmas present a “laser pointer” and he seemed to like it a lot.  We have been discussing among ourselves about the red fly that comes out of the pointer. 

We have not quite managed to define the species of the fly, but we strongly suspect (after managing to drop an old encyclopedia to the floor, and reading about insects) that  it is some kind of a  firefly. Or Lighting Beetle. Or lighting Ferrari, rather, considering the color and speed of it.

Never have I seen a faster fly in my life. So it is quite understandable why Mommy asked Daddy if he knows how to play with the pointer responsibly, and not point it to our eyes. I can only imagine what would happen if a firefly would  fly to our eyes with such speed!


So - Daddy points the pointer to the floor, out comes the lighting Ferrari fly, and begins to  run on the floor.  We, of course, run after the said fly. Much fun. Nice contrast to sleeping on the sofa all day.


Then Daddy  points  the red Ferrari  to furniture (amazing how it obeys his orders). We love the fly on the furniture, so at this point we really begin to take the thing with all the seriousness it deserves. We run like nuts after it, jumping high, climbing, stalking, making somersaults, throwing pillows to the floor, patting the spot where the red fly vanishes (because mysteriously is always vanishes just as we reach it).  It seems the fly is simply too fast for any of us, and we do hold our speed and quick reflexes in high regard.  So if a fly can outfly us, it has to be a true Ferrari.


You see I have heard the Ferraris are a fast species. Mommy and Daddy watch something they call F1 from the picture box, and the voice that speaks from the picture box is always applauding how fast the Ferraris are. (Don’t understand the speeding flowers, though. A fast Lotus makes no sense to us).


After chasing the Ferrari fly on the furniture, Mommy appeared, mumbled something under her breath, and lifted the pillows and remote controls etc. we had managed to get off the couch in our search for the fly.


Daddy should have known better and stop the fly-play then and there. But does he? Oooo no… He finds our attempts to catch the fly so funny that now points the Ferrari fly to the wall. Do you know what cat claws can do to wallpapers? Yet we cats have to chase the fly. It is our feline duty, according to the SCC or Secret Code of Cats. “No fly shall go unchased”. Good exercise for the couch potatoes and also very unhygienic to let flies fly in the kitchen area, where our food is served. Which is the main point of fly hunting, after all, according to SCC. (And no, the fly is not unhygienic if eaten, it is their contact with out food that is dangerous. SCC is very specific about this.)


So the fly is on the wall. We jump, we reach, we use our claws to get a better grip. Yet the Ferrari fly escaped from the wall too. Daddy, on the other hand, did not manage to escape from Mommy, when she saw the wallpapers. She did the only decent thing a Purrson can do to protect cat food from flies. She threw the pointer to carbage. And now Daddy sulks.


I hope Mommy and Daddy will speak to each other soon again, but I do side with Mommy. She protected our food, after all. We have trained this particular Purrson well.

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