by Amanda
(toledo il)

She found us at our back door came right up to me and started an instant bond with our family. I didn't know much about the breed until I read upon it that she meant good luck to new brides. I just got married 4 months ago. My husband isn't fond of cats but he loves her!!!

Leena’s reply

Congratulations on your marriage!

You never know – maybe indeed Spark was sent to you as a good luck symbol! And cats know how to charm anyone if they so wish.

My hubby also thought he was a dog-person before he met me. My first cat Misu was still alive then, and they made good friends. When Misu crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and we met my cousin’s two Abyssinians (and had another cousin’s Aby Bunny for a week while she travelled), he stood no chance… Our first Aby boy Casanova joined our household pretty fast after that LOL

My coworker also rescued a feral cat – in this case not a Korat, but a coal black young tomcat. He has now been the official couch potato for several years, and is loved by everyone.

It is obvious Spark chose you to be her purrsons. You just keep good care of each other and you will have many happy years together!

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