Mireille Cattery

by Mirela Petcu
(Bucharest, Romania)

My name is Mirela, I breed singapura from January 2010.


I happily announce that all my singapuras are normal, N/N - no copies of PK deficiency!!!

Singapura cats are lively, extremely curious, full of mischief, intelligent, fun loving cats that adore human company. They love to be on laps and shoulders when available, but will also sit on top of cupboards, doors, anywhere high up to observe.

They have a love of warmth and will often be found under your bed covers, lying on a radiator or lying in the sunshine.

The females are wonderful mothers, (two to four kittens are an average sized litter) and will often take care of their kittens long after weaning.

The Singapura is a great family pet, it gets along well with children and thrives on companionship.

If you are away from home for long periods then it it recommended your Singapura has a feline companion, be it another Singapura or another breed.

The Singapura is affectionate, non-destructive, gentle & extremely playful, and will steal your heart, though quite a dominant breed with other breeds, and the females more so than the males, who are more easy going.

However, they are also non-confrontational and would rather run away than end up in a fight with another cat.

My cattery (Mireille Cattery) is FIFe and CFA registered; and I breed only singapura.

Name: Mirela Petcu
Cattery: Mireille Cattery
Website: http://www.singapura-cat.ro/
E-mail: singapura@singapura-cat.ro

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Sep 03, 2011
Meeeeoooowww !
by: Clare Willoughby

Really lovely cats and some great photos !

Sep 02, 2011
Oooo... Don't tempt me LOL
by: Leena

Hubby thinks building this cat website is a dangerous hobby. I want all the cats I write about. And Singapura looks a lot like our little Aby girl Pipsa... (you can see a photo of her if you click on the "rescue" tab on the left).

When I showed him photos of Singapuras he sighed and said "Oh no... No no no... We don't have space!!"

Men... They are so strange... ;)


Sep 02, 2011
by: Mirela Petcu

Thank you, Leena!

Yes, we love our cats very much, they are part of our family.
That's why we select very carefully the future "parents" for our lovely kittens :)

By the way, we now have kittens available!
If if think you are ready to get one lovely singapura into your life, please contact me!


Sep 02, 2011
Beautiful Singapuras
by: Leena

Hi, Mirela!

You have such beautiful Singapuras (I spent some time reading your webiste).

I am glad you chose to tell about your cattery here - I want to give respectable breeders a chance to tell about their cattery - the one who only want the best for their cat breed and their cats.

And small catteries are very good - they really take care of their cats and socialize the little kittens very well. Probably because the wee ones are too cute, so you just want to sit next to them and play with them all the time. (I know I go "Eeeeek! Cuteness overdose!" when ever I see a Singapura kitten LOL)

So your cattery is a very good option for someone in Europe, who is interested in this lovely breed!

Leena :)

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