Peyia Animal Rescue Club, Peyia, Paphos,Cyprus

by Sue
(Peyia,Paphos, Cyprus)

Kitten to be homed

Kitten to be homed

Peyia Animal Rescue Club (PARC)exists to help sick and injured stray and feral cats and dogs in the Peyia area. We treat sick animals and if it is a feral cat then it is returned to it's home area and we keep a check on it to ensure it remains safe; if the animal is a stray then we try to find it a new forever home. We feed over 200 free-living and feral cats around the village of Peyia EVERY DAY - this is done by a number of volunteers who all have a certain number of groups that they look after.

We do not have an actual Shelter so we are totally dependent on people providing care for the dogs or cats until a forever home becomes available. We also try to help people who unfortunately need to rehome a family pet because of changes in circumstances by helping them to advertise the animal on our website.

In the past year we have successfully found homes for 75 dogs and 120 cats, many of whom we have rescued from the streets and treated for various illnesses and injuries.

To pay for veterinary bills and food for all of these animals we have to raise around 50,000 euros every year and we do this by asking for public donations and by holding various fund-raising events such as Coffee Mornings, evening Dinners, Quiz Nights and Bric-a-brac stalls at various events. All of our volunteers help us for free and every cent we raise is used directly for the welfare of the animals.

Our main Web-Site is at and our Rehoming site can be accessed directly at

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May 30, 2011
Thank you!
by: Leena

Thank you for sharing your cat rescue's information. I have been to Cyprus myself, and to Greek islands, and it is obvious that at the end of each tourist season there are plenty of kittens in great need of care. Being used to getting food from the tourists, the harsh reality of winter must be a shock.... Even if the climate is warm.

I remember being awakened to this reality when in Santorini - a local animal protection organization had glued their information to lamp posts and fences, telling the tourists what happens to the cute kittens they feed during their holiday... Also a girl at a local grocery store said that no one buys cat food from the shop except the tourists. So it seems locals don't often care much about these cats.

Good to see you are doing your part to help in this problem in Cyprus. I hope your page here will spread the knowlege of your valuable work.

Leena :)

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