Cat Breed Pictures

Here I have collected the cat breed pictures I have made. They are in form of caricatures. (If you are more interested in realistic cat portraits, check the Cat Art tab on the left).

Caricature Abyssinian

I am partial to Abyssinians because they are my chosen cat breed. Here I have strived to achieve the intelligent, yet kind look of the Aby's eyes. And those big ears, of course.

If you are interested in reading more about this beautiful breed, you can start from here.

caricature Ragdoll

Ragdoll. The most lovable, laid-back and people-loving cat breed. It is a big cat who loves its people with deep devotion. And look at that lovely coat - and those beautiful blue eyes... A true beauty of a cat!

Read more about this cat here.

Caricature Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail is an intelligent cat who makes a home in anyone's heart. Silky coat, beautiful colors, bunny-tail and long hind legs.

Once this breed was deeply loved by the imperial court of Japan and we understand why.

Read more about Japanese Bobtails here.

Caricature Korat

Korat - the beautiful silver-grey good-luck cat of Thailand. It was believed it brought good luck to the household and were considered national treasures.

The Korat is called the "Cat with five hearts". If you want to know why, read more  here.

Caricature Singapura

Singapura - the world's smallest cat breed. And one of the most curious ones too. A real explorer, always intersted in everything. Intelligence comes in the same package.

Anyone who has had a Singapura swears it is the best and funniest cat breed. Read more here.

Caricature Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora was the cat from which the Persian was developed. It has a gorgeous coat, a plume of a tail and the elegance of a ballerina. And it loves heights... So you'll find it high up when ever there is a chance to climb on anything.

And this is also a very intelligent cat. Not to mention how beautiful! Read more about this breed here.

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